Yoga Farm offer yoga students and educators this practical, accessible, and joyful Yoga Teacher Training and Immersion twice each year, spring, and fall.

Our teachers and students explain the Program:

Have 9 minutes to see for yourself what this program is about? Click to hear about it from teachers and students.

If you have felt the touch of yoga and are ready to dive deeply into the practices, then learn how to give back, our yoga teacher training and immersion may be a match for you.

  • REGISTRATION OPEN for our spring 2020, January - May Training (seven full weekends)

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This 200 hour yoga teacher certification training encompasses two simultaneous journeys:

  • Your inner, personal journey – you merge with your yoga, becoming grounded and centered and present

  • Your outer journey – you learn to teach, allowing your gifts to be shared with the world

Our Yoga Farm teachers bring yoga, meditation and mindfulness to a large variety of settings: K-12 schools, businesses, festivals, yoga studios, living rooms, private sessions and more.

Who is this for?

This training is not designed specifically for an "advanced" yoga student—rather it is "for regular people, by regular people."

We have found a ready market and rewarding service in teaching yoga that just about anyone can do and are eager to share this with you.

This is yoga for every body. This is yoga for life, for YOUR life. We teach foundational practices and observances to assist you in standing strong and bright when you walk off the mat into work, relationships, into life.


Our training program is for:

  • Everyone who wishes to carry the teachings of yoga to others, in any setting

  • Those relatively new to yoga and enthusiastic about taking their practice to the next level

  • Students who are ready to adapt yoga to new audiences

  • Educators who are learning about yoga and mindfulness for the classroom

  • Students who are ready to deepen into their own practice

  • Those ready for a comprehensive training in all areas of yoga

  • You, if you, like us, value connection, healing and education

Would you like to hear more? Read on, or call us at 607-280-2010, or email and we can share more with you personally on the phone or in-person at Yoga Farm. You can then Listen to see if our program is a match for you. You are also welcome to drop in any Sunday for our free weekly Sacred Sunday Celebration and meet us then.

What are the dates?

Our 200 hour teacher training runs twice each year, a complete program is in the spring, and in the fall. You can choose from either:

Spring 2020 Training Dates: (updated and final)

  • January 25, 26

  • February 1, 2 / Feb 22, 23

  • March 14, 15 / April 4, 5

  • May 2, 3 / May 30, 31

Weekend timings:
Saturdays: 8:30 AM - 8 PM (dinner provided)
Sunday: 9 AM - 5:45 PM

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What will I Learn?

Our program has many intended outcomes:

  • Teach you self-care techniques that nurture your body, mind and spirit

  • Connecting to the mindful warrior within, discover your greatest gifts while you are here on this earth

  • Discover your own teaching voice and authentic passion for helping others

  • Learn how to sequence yoga flows

  • Adapt yoga and mindfulness to different groups, such as schools, businesses, etc.

  • Be trained in Yoga Farm’s unique accessible yoga styles that suits people of all body types

  • Create a community of yoga students and teachers

  • Discover that yoga is much more than stretching!

How does it WOrk?

Our 200-hour program includes immersions including yoga sessions, workshops and trainings in anatomy, philosophy, alignment, and adjustments, teaching practice, as well as restorative self-care practices.

Our program is Yoga Alliance-approved, and meets on the weekends.

In between our time together, we will be connecting through private groups on social media and in yoga classes in our classroom at Yoga Farm.

You will have homework, self study and practice that will complete the 200 hours of training. After this, you will be ready for your final examination and certification!

I’m out of town - is there housing available?

Our retreat center with cabins and dorms is in the planning phase. In the interim, we have 2 private bedrooms with a shared bathroom available for the training weekends. There are other local airbnb’s available that are very affordable - don’t let the travel sway you if you feel a pull to our program.

We have two rooms are in upstairs of the farmhouse, and are comfortable, warm, quiet rooms.

If you are traveling in for this yoga teacher training, you are eligible for a room.

These rooms are available for $50 per night, for both nights of the training weekend, plus an additional $20 for the weekend for a cleaning fee. All 7 weekends must be booked for this to be available to you. The total for all 7 weekends, 14 nights, is $840.

Optionally, you can assist us on the weekend with food preparation and cleanup of the shared kitchen space after our sessions each day and we’ll gladly waive the $20 cleaning fee, with our thanks. The total then for 14 nights is $700.

Please register ASAP if you’d like this option as there are only 2 rooms available. Let us know you would like this and we’ll get right back to you.


“Everything about Yoga Farm is magical. The moment I step foot on the property, I become more at ease. The teachers at Yoga Farm successfully create a strong sense of community with our peers, our community and our world. I truly look forward to my next opportunity to grow at Yoga Farm” — Lazarra L.

"It's absolutely wonderful! I have grown both professionally and personally from this journey. My guides and teachers, Jeannie, Daniela, and Christopher have shown me a path I only dreamed existed.  They encouraged me to step into the realm of becoming a Mindful Warrior Yoga Teacher.

This program made me dig deeper into my yoga and meditation practice and myself. The results are absolutely amazing. My heart is warm and I am absolutely grateful for the opportunity to go through this beautiful journey. Purely transformational." -- Jennifer M.

“If you’re looking to become a yoga teacher or increase your knowledge in this field, look no further. Christopher, Jeannie and Daniela provide a dynamic trio of teaching that will enhance physical mental and spiritual growth through a hands on curriculum. Prepare yourself for a sense of community, liberation and pure radiance." — Cody N.

“The 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program at Yoga Farm has been a tremendous blessing in my life. The program, which included one intensive weekend each month for 8 months, fit into my schedule perfectly, while preparing me not only to teach Vinyasa Yoga, but to explore the meditative and spirituality side of yoga as well. They weave their Radiance Warrior coursework into the program beautifully, and they get the student on the Teacher's mat from day one.” — Phyllis C/

“Christopher, Jeannie, and Daniela have crafted a program that beautiful blends the technical, practical aspects and the very personal inner journey of yoga and mindfulness.  The lessons flow seamlessly from instructor to instructor and topic to topic. This flow comes from their extensive knowledge, their own personal experience, and their immense love for and dedication to yoga/meditation and their students.

If you are interested in teaching yoga/mindfulness, want to go deeper into, or start your own yoga and meditation practice, listen to your inner wisdom, feel the pull of your Heart – follow your Yes.” — Pennee B.

“Yoga Farm has combined all the facets of an amazing and truly effective yoga teacher training program. The best practices of learning to feel at home in your body, mind and spirit, along with a ton of laughter and joy!” — Beth R.

“Fall blissfully in love with yoga, meditation, mindfulness and yourself while making new and deeply heart centered friendships!” — Meg C.

The trainers at Yoga Farm worked together as a team to provide training in yoga instruction of the highest caliber. Their attitude and techniques complimented each other well, and there were ample opportunities to learn both from the trainers and from peers in the program.

I am grateful to be part of such a fantastic cohort of yogis, and I look forward to seeing more exciting programs at Yoga Farm as they blossom and grow into the top notch yoga educational center the founding directors have envisioned” -- Alison R.

I LOVED the Mindfulness lessons we did. It was the perfect fit for me. I couldn't have asked for a better, more comprehensive experience. I'll be eternally grateful for the introduction at Yoga farm to teaching Yoga and for finding my personal style. -- Jessica J.

This program is absolutely amazing, this training has opened my mind to things I would have never seen and has opened my heart to receive amazing healing. Jeannie, Daniela, and Christopher create a space for anyone it doesn't matter where you come from or where you have been all that matters is that you show up and be yourself.

This training has shifted my life in such a beautiful way and I can not imagine having not done it. It is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life" — Alexis R.

“It is my honor to be taught by such knowledgeable, caring, and dedicated individuals. I am blessed to have Christopher, Daniela, and Jeannie on this path with me. Their guidance and compassion truly speaks from their hearts. I am beyond excited to continue additional trainings at Yoga Farm.” — Michelle T.

The program at Yoga Farm is amazing. The teachers are so gifted, supportive and knowledgeable. This in-depth training was not just about poses, it was about so much more. I feel so prepared through this training and grateful for the opportunity to fit all the pieces of my authentic self together to give meaning to this practice. Their location is beautiful as well, offering a retreat like setting with natural beauty. — Lynn B.

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