Individuals anchored in Radiant Living practices become families, communities and a global humanity connected in unity, reverence & Peace

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the school for radiant living at yoga farm

Our Radiant Living curriculum cultivates vibrant physical health, emotional balance and mental clarity, healing the root causes of suffering, and returning individuals to the stunning recognition of their own worthiness, magnificence, and the purity of their own goodness.

Individuals that regularly feel the rapture of being alive, and who flourish in purpose and meaning, become powerful and compassionate contributors to society.

We teach adult educational courses and workshops as well as yoga, mindfulness and meditation classes at our facility and in schools, businesses and special events.

An experience of several aspects of our curriculum happens at our free Sacred Sunday Celebration, each Sunday from 9 - 11:15am.

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we offer yoga, meditation, and mindfulness
private lessons and courses for all ages and abilities

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On the yoga side of our school, we teach yoga and meditation classes that everyone can do. We offer Beginner and Radiant Warrior yoga courses, affordable memberships to our daily classes at Yoga Farm, a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification and continuing education modules for yoga professionals.

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We use the word ‘yoga’ broadly. Our classes and courses are focused on cultivating vibrant physical well-being, freedom from anxiety, and a strong, flexible body and mind.

We teach hatha yoga, kundalini yoga, qigong, vinyasa yoga, yin yoga and restorative yoga. Our studio is not heated. When the weather is warm, our brightly lit studio is open onto a forested gorge, bringing in the breeze and delightful sound of birds and a waterfall. Most of our classes and courses are moderately paced, with a focus on accessibility and health, so that everyone who wishes to can participate.

The educational courses and workshops in our Radiant Living curriculum do not typically include yoga in the classrooms, though sometimes gentle movement or stretching is offered as part of an activity. Read on…


School For Radiant Living

education for a united humanity


The adult educational School For Radiant Living offers several flavors of the Radiance Course (including an online version starting January), a private Radiance Course for couples or individuals, workshops and retreats, and a 200 hour Life Coaching Certification Program. Our Radiant Schools curriculum is for educators and students in our regional school districts, and our workplace wellness programs include Radiant Living tools for teams.


“Feel The Rapture of Being Alive”

Radiance Course is a 12-week self-discovery program designed to catalyze deep inner healing, growth, and a life of fulfillment.

Your Journey Begins January, 2019
In person or online


Be the Light so others can See

Be the Guide that helps others live a life of purpose & Connection

Be the Coach that equips others to feel the Rapture of Being Alive.


A radiant life is one where you are feeling connected with yourself, with healthy, uplifting relationships, living a fulfilled life rooted and awe and wonder.

Our curriculum equips our students and clients with the ability to sustain vibrant, intentional and deeply connected living.


community offerings

as a nonprofit, we offer many free, or ‘offer what is honest and in integrity for you’ programs and events


As a nonprofit, we keep our tuitions for all our programs affordable. Many of our programs are free, or utilize a self-determined tuition that we call ‘offer what is honest and in integrity for you’. This allows us to reach corners of our community not being served by other mainstream educational programs.

community offerings supported by memberships and donations:

Sacred Sunday - You are invited to join us and other kindred spirits for Sacred Sundays at Yoga Farm, from 9:00 - 11:15 AM. The morning in its entirety affords you the opportunity to have a deeply personal experience with your three sacred aspects; your Body, Mind, & Soul. NEW! Sacred Saturday! 9-10:15 AM - a shortened version of the popular Sacred Sunday weekly experience.

Connection is Healing - a 3-month membership for individuals with cancer, chronic illness, depression, anxiety, PTSD, grief integration and for caregivers.

Bliss Night - Bliss Night is a night of unique offerings that feature sound, touch, and self-nourishment. This donation-based event combines the mindset, feeling, and technique of Restorative Yoga and meditation, with the talent of some of the areas best performers and teachers. 

Radiance Course - A 12-week self-discovery program designed to catalyze deep inner healing, growth and a life of unbidden fulfillment (in-person or online)

Radiant Schools - Our curriculum has been adapted for K-12 public and private schools. We currently lead mindfulness, yoga, and staff development workshops in several local school districts.

The purpose of our nonprofit is to expand the scope and reach of our curriculum and build a retreat center at Yoga Farm as the platform and means by which we can create a peaceful, sustainable, harmonious world.