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Our Mission is to eradicate the causes of the silent epidemics of anxiety, depression, loneliness and addiction in our culture.

Our curriculum and our natural setting are the grounds for students to experience Connection, Fulfillment, Healing, and a renewed sense of Gratefulness & Awe. 

When the mind, body, and essence of the individual coexist in balance and harmony, then internal conflict in the individual ceases.

As a result, relationships within families become healthier, communities become collaborative and peaceful, and conflict between nations eradicated. 

The Radiant Living curriculum is access to our potential as a United Humanity.


Our Radiant Living Courses equip you with the tools, the community & the guidance to:

Live Connected & Compassionately in all your relationships

Feel and Live with deep Meaning & Fulfillment

Experience your Life as Awe & Wonder

We offer daily yoga, qigong and meditation classes.

Most of our classes are moderately paced, with a focus on accessibility and inclusiveness. We welcome all ages and abilities.

We teach group classes as well as private lessons and certification programs

Our weekend retreats and immersions offer students the opportunity to dive deeply into an aspect of our curriculum.

Our continuing education weekends give yoga teachers hands-on practice to expand your skills.

In February, we are leading a yoga retreat to Costa Rica



Specialty Services

Our school curriculum called ‘Restoring Schools to Health’ is in our regional school districts

Our workplace wellness programs deliver measurable results for teams.

We teach meditation and mindfulness in organizations, privately and in groups.

We teach private sessions for weddings, retreats, corporate functions and other special events.

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Our well-regarded Yoga, Meditation, and QiGong teacher trainings are taught on weekends. Our student-teachers learn to share these tools and their unique gifts with others.

Our CEU weekends for teachers are an opportunity to deepen your practice and teaching skills.

Life Coaching Certification is a year-long apprenticeship program by application only to students in our programs.


community offerings

As a nonprofit, we keep our tuitions for all of our programs affordable.

Some of our programs are free, or utilize a self-determined tuition that we call ‘offer what is honest and in integrity for you’.

Community Offerings include Sacred Sunday and Connection is Healing


Our Mission is to eradicate the causes of the silent epidemics of anxiety, depression and loneliness in our culture

The Vision for our nonprofit is to expand the scope and reach of our educational curriculum and build a retreat center at Yoga Farm to create Harmony & Unity in the individual, which then ripples into the home, society and world. 

Our curriculum and our setting are the grounds for students to experience Connection, Purposefulness, and living Kindly within one’s own mind, and anchored to Gratefulness & Awe, daily.