We are pleased to present our skilled and caring Yoga Teacher Training Staff to you. in addition to our 3 core staff members, we will bring in specialists each weekend to share their knowledge about the topics.





E-RYT 200, B.S. Engineering (Cornell University), Certified Yoga Instructor, Meditation Guide

MY EXPERIENCE: I have been studying and teaching yoga, meditation and other healing therapies and energetic modalities for over 20 yearsand hold many teaching certificates and a Cornell Engineering degree. My teachers have included Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, John Osborne, Lorin Roche, James Eavenson, Lennessa Shantaya, Carol Hawk, Dr. Joe Marshalla, Yogi Bhajan, and Dr. Joseph Levry.

I love assisting those new to yoga, or individuals experiencing pain or dis-ease, to connect with yoga and meditation practices that will assist them in taking steps towards to a healthy body, vibrant mind and compassionate connection with others.

I love teaching those seeking to serve the world through mindful, awake, passionate yoga education. Teaching teachers to teach is hugely fulfilling for me personally, and I can see the shifts our students make in their families and careers during and after our YTT courses. It is an incredible journey and I’m grateful that you are considering this program with us.

MY "WHY": Meditation can free us from suffering, mental confusion, and remind us of our connection to Source.  Yoga is a path to a life of freedom and fun.



Jeannie O’Neill


MY EXPERIENCE: My M.Ed degree is in Contemplative Pedagogy and Mindfulness in Schools. I have years of experience in the public school system as well as in charter and alternative schools as a teacher, social worker and administrator. Having owned a yoga studio in Bennington, Vermont, I taught yoga to students ages 3 to ­83 and have extensive yoga anatomy, physiology, and philosophy knowledge. My teachers have included, Jennilee Toner, Jack Kornfield, Jon Kabat Zinn, and Patricia Jennings.

I have led numerous yoga teacher trainings and am in awe of the always evolving living curriculum that is yoga. My students go through such huge growth personally and professionally during our program at Yoga Farm, and it is always humbling to see their greatness shine through.

MY “WHY”; I am passionate about illuminating students’ individual paths towards peace and surrender. I believe that the four yogas allow freedom on that path.

MY CONVICTION; Change and Healing are synonymous; “we cannot control the waves, but we can learn to surf.” Jon Kabat-Zinn 




Co-FOUNDER, Radiance course educator

CTACC, M.S. Ed, Spiritual Counselor, Life Coach, Certified Yoga Instructor, Meditation Guide

MY EXPERIENCE: My 20 years in spiritual study and application are primarily from the Mahayana School of Tibetan Buddhism and Kashmir Shaivism. Prior to Co-Creating Yoga Farm, I worked 1:1 and with couples as a Life Coach, and I co-founded and taught with HeartPath Institute. My teachers have included His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, Byron Katie, D.R. Butler, Lorin Roche, Camille Maurine, Deepak Chopra, Caroline Myss, and Dr. Jackie Black.

MY "WHY": The synthesis of the oral teachings and transmissions of an unbroken lineage combined with the contemporary teachings of meditation, inquiry and modern mysticism fuel my ability to guide students into the answers that lie buried like treasure within their questions. I am masterful, with a laser like sharpness, at helping all who come to me to See, Feel, and ReMember their own Radiance. 

In our Western culture, we are presently experiencing the highest rates ever of depression, anxiety, and loneliness; these are all symptoms that contribute to many people feeling an emptiness inside; a disconnection within, a lack of fulfillment in meaning and purpose in their lives, and the absence of Joy. On the outside, many people are able to hide it rather well, however when we arrive home, often our lives behind closed doors are where we both love the most yet simultaneously we feel a dissatisfaction within that’s sometimes clear, and other times hard to identify ‘why’. To manage the feelings of suffering we engage in habits, addictions, and patterned ways of being in order to change the way we are feeling in the short term. Over time, these coping methods don’t truly serve our highest good, as we feel more and more disconnected. 

My passion is helping clients and students ReDiscover who and what they ‘really are’, to fall deeply in love with themselves, to relearn how to nourish and cherish themselves so they can honestly nourish others, and to Feel, with their whole Being, the experience of the ‘Rapture of Being Alive’. 

My job is to help You ReCognize your Self. To help You ReMember your magnificent Goodness and Beauty and Power. To live a life of astounding fulfillment, and to live AS Love, in Action in your relationships and ultimately, as Service to others.

When the mind becomes very very Clear, all that remains is Kindness, Gratitude, smiles, laughter, tenderness, effective actin, ThankYou’s, and the repeated question aloud to others; ‘How may I Be useful for You right Now...?’

My Vision of our capacity as a Humanity is a world where all beings are living in and as Connection, Purpose, Joy, & Service. When we Awaken ourself to our True Nature as Kindness & Clarity, we can Awaken ourselves as our Kindest Humanity.

MY CONVICTION: "Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional" and "Everyone’s True Nature is inherent Goodness, & Kindness, and Love."