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Immersion and teacher Training


In our time together, we will practice yoga and study yoga, and more than that, we’ll bring our mindfulness practices into a wide variety of activities, including:

Our teacher’s manual, and laminated sequencing sheets to bring into classes

Our teacher’s manual, and laminated sequencing sheets to bring into classes

  • outdoor hikes on warmer days

  • silent meditation walks

  • quiet mindfulness practices

  • quiet reading and reflection

  • documentary movies with popcorn

  • conversations about life over tea

  • delicious provided dinners on long training days

  • chanting or chatting around the fire

  • practice teaching every weekend

  • make new friends

  • and more!

Required Book list:

  1. Teaching Yoga by Mark Stephens (Amazon Link)

  2. The Key Muscles of Yoga: Scientific Keys, Volume I by Ray Long (Amazon Link)

  3. The Way of Liberation by Adyashanti (Amazon Link - This book is also available in the Yoga Farm mini-bookstore for $10)

Example Daily Schedule:

8:30­ - 8:50 AM: Meditation
9 - 10:15 AM: Active yoga class (here is your chance to be the student!)
10­:15 - 10:30 AM: Break and mindful snack
10:30 AM -­ 12:00 PM: Philosophy, mindfulness, specific subject
12:00 -­ 1:00 PM: Lunch
1:00 - 1:30 PM: Mindful walking meditation
1:30 - 3:00 PM: Asana lab (study several poses in detail – practice, teach, observe and take detailed teaching notes)
3­:00 - 3:30 PM: Break
3:30 -­ 4:30 PM: Anatomy or teaching techniques
4:30 - 5:30 PM: Meditation and pranayama techniques
5­:30 - 6:30 PM: Dinner
6:30 -­ 7:30 PM: The inner journey: study, inquiry, coaching, Q&A, relevant to your life
7:30 -­ 8:00 PM: Mindfulness and closing

Teacher trainees will also take yoga classes in between our weekends for self-care and self-study (a Yoga Farm membership with unlimited yoga classes is included in the tuition). 


Video Samples


Example of a classroom session, reading pose names

A Complete Radiant Warrior Yoga Class - Taught by Christopher, Practiced by Jeannie

Radiant Warrior Yoga Teacher Training: Jeannie discusses backbends

A Complete Radiant Warrior Yoga Class - Taught by Jeannie, Practiced by Christopher


radiant Warrior Curriculum Module List

Roots of Yoga
What is yoga? Exploration of Karma, Bhakti, Hatha, Jnana, and Laya yoga.
Seva Seva as a lifestyle and giving. Deliver a service project in the community as part of training.
The Role of the Teacher
Understand the ethics of the profession. Discuss boundaries, lineage and tradition. Understand the Guru tattva principle. Where does yoga come from and how is it transmitted?
The Way of Liberation
Read and learn from Adyashanti's book: The Way of Liberation
Yoga Lifestyle
Personal approaches to living the principles of yoga.
Yoga Philosophy
Discuss decolonizing yoga, accessibility and welcoming, opening practices to all. Discover and discuss the roots of yoga, cultural appropriations, roots in Hinduism, and broadening accessibility into Western culture and religion without losing the essence of yoga.
Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
Group discussion of the yoga sutras, yamas, and niyamas.
Asana Adjustments
Discuss posture adjustments and assists, props and modifications.
Asana Practice
Practice and conduct detailed study of the poses in the Mindful Warrior yoga set.
Asana Study
Watch and learn from videos of the poses in the Mindful Warrior yoga set.
Chanting Practice
Chant together as a group. Experience Bhakti yoga.
Inquiry In our core philosophy we teach meditation, contemplation and inquiry. Inquiry is the process of asking good questions of oneself, uncovering, limiting beliefs and questioning those beliefs.
Kundalini Yoga
Experience Kundalini yoga.
Meditation Practice meditation in a variety of methods.
Mindfulness Discuss mindfulness as a gateway to awareness and meditation. Explore mindful eating and walking, as well as mindfulness in schools and outside of yoga studios.
Practice and Dispassion
Learn about the two essential wings of yoga: Abhaysa and Vairagya.
Pranayama Study
Learn to practice and teach several pranayama (breath and energy management) methods
RAIN Discuss inquiry in the world.
Restorative Yoga
Experience restorative yoga.
Cool-Down and Finishing Postures
Practice teaching cool-down postures.
Core Postures and Backbends
Practice teaching core postures and backbends.
Teaching Seated Postures
Practice teaching seated postures.
Teaching Standing Postures
Practice teaching the standing poses in our Mindful Warrior set.
Teaching Sun Salutation
Practice teaching Sun Salutation "C."
Teaching Warmup
Teaching our warmup sequence.
Yin Yoga
Experience Yin yoga.
Kriyas Discuss cleansing and purifying the body and mind.
Arc of a Class
Discuss the basic arc of a class and the importance of sequencing.
Beginner Yoga
Discuss how to teach beginners.
Intention and Invocation
Learn about approach, intention, and invocation.
Private Yoga
Understand the private lesson structure.
Teaching Basics
Discuss the basics of teaching and voice: speaking with confidence, using repetition of core concepts, connecting with different learning styles, and how to balance challenge with ease.
Teaching Off the Mat
Learn to teach, rather than do, yoga. Discussion of maintaining your practice, practicing the set(s) before class, watching, listening to, and staying with the students in the room.
The Business of Yoga
Learn tools to become a yoga professional.
Voice and Truth
Connect to your authentic voice and integrity.
Planning Specific Classes
How to plan for classes.
Special Populations
Overview of teaching to special populations.
Observing Observe two yoga classes.
Anatomy I
Fundamentals and the big picture.
Anatomy II
Subtle energy overview.
Anatomy III
The Koshas.
Anatomy IV
The trunk and spine.
Anatomy V
Videos in classroom.
Anatomy VI
Videos in classroom continued.
Anatomy VII
The feet and lower leg.
Anatomy VIII
The shoulder girdle.
Anatomy IX
Anatomy X
Hamstrings and quadriceps.
Anatomy XI
Feet and hands.
Anatomy XII
Major muscle groups.
Anatomy XIII
The pelvic girdle.
Practice Teaching I
Teach warmup.
Practice Teaching II
Team warmup (observed).
Practice Teaching III
Teach half a class.
Practice Teaching IV
Teach half a class (observed).
Practice Teaching V
Teach class to friends, family, or fellow students.
Practice Teaching VI
Teach class to friends, family, or fellow students.
Practice Teaching VII
Teach full class, observed by lead trainer, with directed feedback afterwards.
Teaching Examination
Teach full class as part of final testing.
Written Exam
Complete written examination.