Our workshops, retreats, and special events have limited capacity.

To reserve your spot in an upcoming workshop or event, follow the registration instructions below each event.

Most of our special events and workshops are all based on our philosophy of ‘Offer what is Honest and in Integrity for you’. (read more about that) If there is a fixed fee for the event it is noted.

As a nonprofit, we rely on our membership, volunteers and donors who are invested in our mission and share our vision for a United Humanity. Curious to find out a way you can help?

  • Thursday February 7th @7pm - Bliss Night - Sound Healing with Bernadette

  • Thursday February 14th @7pm - Bliss Night - Partner Yoga With Jeannie and Matt

  • Wednesday February 20th, 11am-1pm - “Restoring Schools to Health” workshop for Teachers/Educators

    • We will provide educators a set of proactive and implementable tools/strategies for their own personal mental/physical wellness. The program will also include classroom techniques for the students, that align with NY State Learning targets for mental health and wellness.

    • Tuition: $15 includes light vegan lunch - Register Now

  • Thursday February 21st @7pm - NO BLISS NIGHT 2/21

  • Saturday Feb 23rd @10:30am - Beginner’s Yoga Workshop

  • February 24 - March 3, 2019: COSTA RICA yoga and beach Retreat

    • Utilizing Nosara’s unique and tranquil setting, we invite you to experience peace, freedom, and radiance. You can begin your day with a dip in the ocean before our morning yoga class, linger in bed as long as you would like, or join a sunrise meditation.

    • Registration Open! Space Limited.

  • Thursday February 28th @7pm - Bliss Night - Restorative Yoga and Healing Touch with Pennee and Melani

  • Friday Mar 1st @6pm - Dun Dun Dance with Kathy Lucas


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As a nonprofit, we offer numerous programs for free or donation.

With your help, the education, connection and healing received through these programs can reach many individuals.

Please ‘pay it forward’ by supporting these programs. Together, we can inspire a United Humanity.


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