Our workshops, retreats, and special events are listed here. These are amazing and unique opportunities to connect, heal, relax, unwind and learn something new.

To reserve your spot in an upcoming workshop or event, follow the registration instructions below each event.

Most of our special events and workshops are all based on our philosophy of ‘Offer what is Honest and in Integrity for you’. (read more about that) If there is a fixed fee for the event it is noted.

As a nonprofit, we rely on our membership, volunteers and donors who are invested in our mission and share our vision for a United Humanity. Curious to find out a way you can help?

  • 🧘🏽‍♀️🧘🏻‍♂️Friday April 19th - 5:15pm-6:15pm - Happy Hour Meditation with Christopher

  • 🎥🍿Friday April 19th - 7pm-9pm - Movie Night CANCELLED

  • 🌱Saturday April 20th @12:30 - 5pm - Spring Volunteer Day

    • Come help beautify Yoga Farm for the spring season, help us get the outdoor pavilion ready for summer yoga and QiGong classes (share or RSVP on the Facebook event here)

    • At 4:30 we’ll stop work and meditate inside or outside and be all done by 5

  • 🎾Saturday April 20th @1-3pm - Workshop with Shira

    • Is your body feeling tight from an injury?  Stress?  Care-taking?  Ithaca winter?

      In this workshop, we will use tennis balls to learn myofascial release on the entire body.

    • Tuition: $30 - Register Now

  • 🌱Sunday April 21st @11:30am - Flower and Veggie Garden Planting

    • After Sacred Sunday, let’s spend an hour or two either planting veggies for late summer picnics or beautifying the flower gardens that our guests see on their way in. Please bring a snack to share.

  • 🎶😁Thursday April 25th 7-8:15pm - Bliss Night with Berndadette - Sound Healing

  • 🥁Friday May 3rd @6:30-8:00pm - Dundun Dance

    • Dundun dance is a fun, energetic drum and dance style that has roots in Guinea, West Africa. Dunduns are cylindrical bass drums that are played with sticks.

    • Tuition: $20 - Register Now

  • ✌🏼Saturday May 4th @10:30-12:30 - Beginner Yoga Workshop

    • Tuition: $30 - can be applied 100% to a membership that day Register Now

  • 🌞Saturday & Sunday, July 13 & 14 - Summer Radiant Living Retreat ‘Power of Awareness’ with Christopher & Daniela

    • Tuition: offer what is Honest and in Integrity for you - all are welcome - Register Now

Dates TBD 2019, 2020: COSTA RICA yoga and beach Retreat

  • Utilizing Nosara’s unique and tranquil setting, we invite you to experience peace, freedom, and radiance. You can begin your day with a dip in the ocean before our morning yoga class, linger in bed as long as you would like, or join a sunrise meditation.

  • We just returned from our winter retreat and it was AMAZING. While we were there, we made connections and began arrangements for our next retreat.

  • Let us know you are interested and we’ll get back to you with details once they are ready


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