As a nonprofit, we rely on our membership, volunteers and donors who are invested in the outcome of this mission and share our vision for a united humanity. with your help, the education, connection and healing services we provide will be equally available to all.


Center Creation

Our primary intention at Yoga Farm is to expand the reach of our School For Radiant Living.

 Radiance Course classroom

Radiance Course classroom

We have outgrown our space. In order to continue to serve the volumes of people that are seeking this education, we are called to expand.

 Recent community yoga class

Recent community yoga class

This is a multi-year project, and our goal is to open the new and expanded center in 2020.

You are invited to consider Yoga Farm in your philanthropic and estate planning, to assist us in creating the necessary endowment to build and sustain this expanded Center.

The School For Radiant Living is a container for individuals around the world to connect, heal, and anchor into a curriculum that addresses and heals silent anxieties that are on the rapid increase in the West.

This education ends the inner conflicts within the individual, such that conflicts within the home, family systems, and greater community can also cease.

When inner battles end, conflict between nations can end.

It’s that simple.

Will this be part of your legacy as well?

Our immediate need right now is for $25,000 to pay for architecture and engineering for the new Center so we can obtain our site plan permits.

All donations are a tax-deductible to our 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Please contact us, so we can discuss how you can make a difference in the world, or call 607-280-2010.

See the remainder of this page for how donations can be earmarked, as we also bring this education into the world in a variety of settings, including the public school system.

We thank you 🙏

You may mail your tax-deductible contribution check payable to The School For Radiant Living
404 Conlon Rd
Lansing, NY 14882



Charitable donations over $100 will receive a confirmation letter from us for tax planning purposes. Please make your tax deductible check payable to ‘The School For Radiant Living’. All donations, no matter their size, will assist us in sustaining our free and donation-based offerings, and grow the reach of this healing work to all beings regardless of income level and life circumstance.

Your donation of $50 will contribute to our scholarship fund for individuals with financial needs and health challenges.

Your donation of $150 will support one individual in our ‘Connection is Healing’ program for 3 months. This program provides memberships for individuals navigating chronic illness, cancer treatment, grief and loss, anxiety, depression and full-time caregivers.

Your donation of $250 will support the scholarship for individual in our beginner yoga series, Radiance Course or the Radiant Warrior Yoga Course

Your donation of $500 will provide scholarship for 2 individuals in any of our courses

Your donation of $1,950 will provide scholarship funds for one educator to participate in our 200 hour yoga teacher training program

Your donation of $5,000 will allow us to bring our educational curriculum into one public school building for one semester to provide hands-on weekly education for educators, administration and students. Our curriculum Restores Schools to Health.

(Update November 2018: We have a school district in our area ready to launch a full-scale, year-long program for their entire 6th grade class and all middle school educators. This will utilize all of our available staff and is an incredible opportunity to make a difference for hundreds of children. The school can partially fund this and we are seeking a matching donation of $9,500 so we can deliver our program ASAP. - please call 607-280-2010 if you can help. Your donation is tax-deductible)

Your donation of $10,000 will underwrite our ‘Connection is Healing’ program for 6 months. This program provides memberships for individuals navigating chronic illness, cancer treatment, grief and loss, anxiety, depression and full-time caregivers.

Your donation of $25,000 will fund :

  • One year of our onsite intensive school programs for one public school

  • One year of our ‘Connection is Healing’ program. This program provides memberships for individuals navigating chronic illness, cancer treatment, grief and loss, anxiety, depression and full-time caregivers.

  • Two full scholarships to our Yoga Teacher Training


SEVA / Service

Seva” is a Sanskrit word meaning “selfless service” or work performed without any thought of reward or repayment. In ancient India seva was believed to help one's spiritual growth and at the same time contribute to the improvement of a community.

Invite a friend to join you if you’d like, and ask us how to contribute in any of these ways:

  • before or after class, sweep the floors and clean teacups or yoga mats

  • tidy up in the gardens around the Center

  • ask for 10 posters of our classes and courses to put up in the area you frequent

  • go to our Facebook page, click ‘invite’ and invite your friends to like Yoga Farm

  • on our Facebook event page, choose an event, and invite friends to that event so they know about it

  • give a 5-star review and testimonial on our Facebook page, then share that out to your wall

  • assist us with Social Media expansion and marketing (are you an Instagram lover?)

  • take home a few of our blankets, wash and dry them, and bring them back for use (they are machine and dryer safe)

  • wash the sign out front, or the glass doors of our entrance

  • offer transportation to someone to and from class

  • help search for grant funding that us available for us

  • outreach for one of our programs; for example, bringing information for ‘Connection is Healing’ to Doctor’s offices

  • donate: tea, honey, fruit, individually wrapped snacks, nuts, etc so we can have refreshments out for participants

  • suggest how you’d like to help :)