We have had the honor and privilege of impacting hundreds of students' lives since we began. here's what they have to say!

Has your Yoga Farm experience helped you Love Your Self, Nourish Your Self, and Cherish Your Self? Share your story with us!

“I would like to express gratitude to the Yoga Farm… I took extra yoga classes (and a gong bath) to work on severe back pain — and it worked! My back is now pain-free and I am back to normal. Many thanks.”
— Karen S.
Lansing, New York

“Christopher tunes into the class intuitively to shape our sequence around what emerges from each person’s movement. This is the first class where I’ve had this experience, and  I feel more connected to others as a result. Christopher adjusts with a high level of mindful presence, so I feel safe. I am grateful for the joy this class brings into my life.”
— LP
Ithaca, New York

“Absolutely LOVED today... I felt like I was far away on a special trip or some sort of resort like I have always wanted to attend, yet I was home before dinner! Amazing what’s in your own “back yard”! Today was the perfect balance of alone time, connection to higher self, and family time.”
— Stephanie G.
Binghamton, New York

“I appreciate the focus of the weekly lessons that continue to bring light and the feeling of improvement in my life. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in my journey and that everyone has their own story. Thank you!”
— L.D.
Ithaca, New York

“I began weekly sessions with Christopher two months ago, as a supplement to my usual training routine. With his expert guidance I have already noticed increased flexibility especially the in the back and hips, which has had a positive impact on my golf game and my overall feeling of wellness. His new facility is lovely, spacious and well-equipped.”
— George A. Hay
Cornell Law School

 “Christopher is a wonderful, patient, knowledgeable, and nurturing teacher, with a great sense of humor and play.  The classes that I’ve been a part of have been flexible in meeting each participant’s needs, often focusing on a particular movement to help one with a particular need."
– B.P.
Lansing, New York

 “I’ve found the studio at the Yoga Farm to be a warm and inviting space. Christopher’s ability to listen to the needs of his students, then craft a session with those needs in mind, is part of what makes his offerings so special. As a beginner I’ve enjoyed the consistency with which the Yoga Farm has provided me with a peaceful and positive yoga experience.”
– W.S.
Ithaca, New York

 “It’s been 40 years since I was in a yoga class. Through the Sunday easy, light and fun class, I learn yoga and even follow along with some YouTube videos in my home. But no matter which class I’m in Christopher reminds me to smile, breathe and enjoy – the absolute essentials that give me willingness to return.  Christopher is knowledgeable and a good instructor. I am reminded to wear the world lightly.”
– P.W.
Newfield, New York

 “Christopher, you are a distinctly gifted teacher, able to identify sequences ideal for the individual as well as a group. I recall with fondness your assistance with my arm… in that session you were comfortable and able to hold the space for my discomfort, physically and emotionally with tremendous Grace. You were able to let me be with my tears, with no need to run for Kleenex and the belief of, “oh here, tissues, let’s clean up that mess!” You just let me be where I was, silently, so I could move deeper into it, through it.”
– D.H.
Ithaca, New York

 “When the program at our retreat changed at the last minute because of an emergency with one of the headliners, Christopher stepped in to lead a beautiful, fun yoga session for an audience of 150. His liveliness and sincerity created the perfect environment for people of all abilities to jump in and participate.”
– L. J.
Retreat organizer
Ithaca, New York

“Immense value. Best things I have every done for myself. First time I have every attended every class of a course - ever - in my life. So to me, that speaks volumes.

— K.M.
Ithaca, New York

This course helped me to incorporate yoga practices into my life on a daily basis. The benefits in included body strength, awareness and spiritual presence which enabled me to give and receive love more authentically.
— C.W.
Groton, NY

I learned the value of slowing down, not pushing quite so hard. I still work towards goals but in a more relaxed manner which I think helps me achieve them more easily.
— A.D.
Ithaca, NY

This course has helped me to ‘get out of my head’ and focus on the present. Thank you!!!
— A.R.
Ithaca, NY

I have taken many courses at the Yoga Farm, and every time it is a new experience. I always learn more about yoga, my body and myself. This is a place for any body. It is very welcoming and supporting to my needs. I love it here.
— T.M.
Ithaca, NY

“The teachers at Yoga Farm have all helped me to find greater resilience and peace within myself.  This beautiful center has been a source of joy, comfort and healing for me.”
— Peter P.
Ithaca, New York

“I feel the best I’ve felt in so long! This is awesome.”
— Janice D.
Lansing, New York

“WOW! I had no idea that meditation could be so wonderful! I always thought I wasn’t a good meditator because my mind wouldn’t shut off when I tried to meditate, but Christopher and Daniela dispelled ‘Meditation Myths’, and showed us a variety of meditation techniques to sample, and discover the ones that helped each one of us to really feel the deep calm inside. I believe I can now go home and try this, because I can welcome all parts of myself when I meditate. Thank you, Yoga Farm!”
– Samantha G.
Syracuse, New York

“I deal with chronic hip pain and came to this class seeking some relief. The class more than met my expectations, as both the gentle movements and meditation were so helpful in relieving tightness, stress and pain. At no time were we asked to do something harmful – to the contrary, I felt so much better!! Thank You!”
— Sue Penny
Office Manager, Ithaca Primary Care
Ithaca, New York

 “I recently resumed yoga after many years of not practicing. Starting individual lessons at the Yoga Farm with Christopher has been a great experience. The studio is very peaceful and Christopher is an amazing instructor. I would recommend anyone interested in trying yoga consider the Yoga Farm!”
– S.C.
Ithaca, New York

 “I’m so grateful to be a part of the class. You are patient and accommodating. I feel so much better than I did a few months ago.”
– C.E.
Lansing, New York

 “Appreciated the small class size – made it feel like private sessions. Christopher was extremely knowledgeable, supportive and nurturing. My daughters and I always left class feeling relaxed and energized – this is wellness at its best!”
– H.R.
Lansing, New York

 “For those actively practicing yoga or for the beginners who are trying to kickstart a lifestyle change I would highly recommend giving Yoga Farm a call and stop in to see the studio. I feel very privileged to be able to study at Yoga Farm. Christopher is a highly skilled yoga instructor, his approach is both caring and challenging and it is easy to tell that he has a true passion for yoga and for helping people unfold their own potential.”
— R.F.
Horseheads, New York

“Christopher really takes time to explain the poses, step-by-step.  He is very concerned with students’ proper technique, as he considers that the foundation of the practice.”
– S.R.
Lansing, New York

“Christopher specially tailored our meditation and mindfulness session according to goals that my husband and I had set but had not moved towards. We wanted to get back into consistent meditation, and Christopher suggested a 28 day meditation challenge. That worked! We are more than half way through the challenge now, and we can see the improvement in our ability to sit together and clear our minds…and cuddle with gratitude.”
– A.F.
Ithaca, New York

“[Yoga Farm's] space and style are gentle and welcoming; a perfect way to start or end a day…”
– J.W.
Ithaca, New York

 “Comfortable space just right for small classes. The Vinyasa class was at a good pace. Christopher offered variations of poses so we could each choose what suited us.   He is a welcoming and knowledgeable instructor.”
– S.A.
Ludlowville, New York

Yoga Farm gives me a sense of community, a safe place to ‘be’. Feeling strong, feeling love from fellow humans :)

— M.G.
Freeville, NY

I love that is is possible to receive precisely what is personally useful each week. That is a true blessing. Hooray for Yoga Farm!
— R.D.
Cornell University