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“The primary job of a yoga teacher is to mirror back the inner radiance and inherent goodness in each human being.” — Judith Lasater

We teach a variety of yoga, qigong and accessible movement styles. Most of our classes and courses are moderately paced, with a focus on accessibility and inclusiveness, so that everyone who wishes to can participate.

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Here at Yoga Farm, our classes and courses are designed to assist the individual in cultivating balance in body, mind and soul.

We take holistic approach to our teaching here, de-emphasizing the physical fitness side of yoga, leaning in to the experience and reconnection of one's own self-love, nourishment and self-care. To us, holistic means that ALL aspects of a person are valued and honored.

1. We teach yoga. Yoga opens and strengthens the body. We select poses that most people can practice, regardless of age or fitness, and teach them mindfully so they can be practiced safely with confidence and ease.  Each class is tuned to match the people in the room. We see the beauty and perfection in everyone, and we offer yoga practices to students such that each can find their own experience and expression of yoga in our classes. 

2. We teach meditation.  We approach teaching meditation, by dispelling and debunking myths about meditation, that have incorrectly taught that meditation is about stopping the thoughts. Everyone can meditate. We have taught thousands of people how to experience the joy and freedom of meditation, gently and in a lighthearted way. Mindfulness practices and our Radiance meditations are key tools for supporting a healthy mind. The body, when stretched and exercised, experiences itself as its inherent goodness. The mind, when rested, gets to abide in it's inherent goodness.

3. We teach methods and processes so that students can understand the difference between their thoughts and feelings, and how the root of our suffering is the result of what we are believing about our circumstances and other people, not the events themselves. The mind is both the cause of our suffering, and it is also our access to freedom. So at Yoga Farm, we are deeply passionate about teaching people in a very practical and user-friendly way, how to befriend and meet their mind with deep understanding.

4. We teach connection. Here at Yoga Farm, all of our programs and processes are designed to feel intimately connected with yourself, and with others around you, both in the studio and in the greater studio of 'your life'. In the West, we experience very high rates of anxiety, depression, and loneliness. These three afflictions cause us to turn to habits and patterns that do not serve us in feeling more connected with ourself and others. Friendship is a master key in life, so here at Yoga Farm, deep friendships are forged, nurtured and cultivated.

If you long to return to a state of being and a state of living that is deeply nourishing, connected and purposeful, then You are the 'Who?' we built Yoga Farm for...

What’s Next?

  1. If you wish to enter the stream through the vehicle of the body, here are the yoga classes.

  2. If you wish to enter the stream through cultivating a calm mind, we offer the Gift of Meditation.

  3. If you wish to enter the stream through the vehicle of radiant life and relations, join our weekend retreats, or workshops.

  4. If you seek connection, please come to Sacred Sunday, our free weekly event, and meet all of us.

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