AWARENESS LIFE COURSE Daytime, weekend Retreat


About the Weekend;

Awareness Life Course curriculum is for You if you;

  1. Seek to be more responsive and less reactive in your relationships with family members, partners, or co-workers

  2. Seek to feel less day to day inner tension, worry, anxiety, or guilt.

  3. Seek to deepen in a much kinder, loving, and accepting relationship with yourself

  4. Seek to understand any barriers that stand between you and the life you actually want so that you can align your actions with what you value or intend.

The first step in Awareness is to observe yourself, observe when you are effortlessly content, or feel agitated or tense.

From there, you will be taught what exactly is the source of your agitation and tension within, and you will be taught to meet your mind with understanding, gentleness, and specific inquiry practices that facilitate personal and direct insights & revelations.

These Awareness practices can powerfully return you to your inherent ‘kind mind’ which is clear flexible, and open. Aspects of your life come vibrantly alive that were thirsty when you are Aware, and the quality of your connectedness in your cherishing relationships increase as You become more self aware.

This module brings together inquiry and awareness practices in a very practical way, that give you tools to know You, and you will leave the weekend with actionable ways to live your insights in your life as in your relationships.

Instead of the Monday practicum, this module includes a private coaching / counseling session scheduled in the month that follows.

This includes specific activities so you can further develop your own offerings from this recognition of your own capacity and potential.

In our retreat weekends, you’ll experience high quality self care. You will feel deeply nourished, refreshed, connected with others, and learn effective and personalized practices that lead to a joyful body, a clear mind and lightness of being.

Your will gain understanding and compassion for one’s own life journey and story, discover how Intention, Inquiry, Contemplation & Meditation are key tools for you and others, and integrate your life experiences.

You will complete this weekend having discovered and reconnected with the nature of your fullest capacity and potential.

You will discover the roots of your inhibitions and habitual patterns, and how to embody your personal Keys of Action and learn to live a Luminous, Radiant life as you re-enter your relationships and work.

• The tuition is self determined by You, based on what is ‘Honest & in Integrity for You’, and what the value of the course is in your life.

Participant Testimonials;

1. From start to finish Daniela inspired, encouraged, supported, uplifted and challenged me to create and embody the enchanted life I was seeking. As a teacher, Daniela is an articulate, knowledgeable, humble, passionate, professional as well as a master storyteller. Weaving threads of expertise, compassion, and impeccable integrity she delivers a well designed, fun and transformation program.”

-Meg C., Yoga Educator, Radiance Course graduate, Elmira, NY

2. Daniela’s insight into “what is” at the crux of an issue is laser sharp and bull’s eye accurate. She lives her connection with her inner wisdom and is an example to all that what she offers to others, she has tested herself and found it to be efficient and true.

Yet, working with Daniela, she allows each client to find his/her own way to what is their Truth, not hers. She provides the tools and if one chooses to use them, these tools will crack you open and allow you to see, to ReMember the brilliance of your own inner Self - to hear and to learn to trust one’s own inner wisdom.”

- Pennee B., Yoga Educator, Radiance Course graduate, Elmira, NY


WHO: This retreat is led by led by Daniela, Jeannie Christopher, Directors & Educators of the Radiant Living School

HOW MUCH: If you are taking this for personal only, this Radiant Living retreat utilize a ‘Pay what is honest and in integrity for you’ philosophy. Read more about our tuition philosophy here.

DEPOSIT: We require a deposit of $25 on paypal or credit card to hold your spot in the retreat. This will be refunded the weekend of the retreat and is not a suggested tuition.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: Light yoga; some movement.

WHEN: Saturday, 7/13, 8:30-5:30 & Sunday, 7/14, 9-4 (optional restorative yoga 4:30- 5:45)

You can take this:

  • as a CEU weekend if you are a yoga teacher

  • as a Gift to yourself this summer for your own personal growth and development

This is a non-residential, daytime retreat, very limited space is available for overnight stays, inquire early if you would like to stay here.

A light, delicious, vegan lunch will be provided :)

Retreat capacity is limited; if you’d like to participate, please complete these 2 steps: