Spiritual Counseling provides you with tools and guidance to access to your inner Self along with a map through the maze of your inner spiritual journey. 

Spiritual counselors are your guides to bridge the shores of your inner and outer worlds.

Spiritual life coaching is a guided process focused on helping someone realize and live their highest potential. It is predicated on the belief that each individual has a unique purpose and living that purpose brings the greatest joy to our life and the world. Our approach to spiritual life coaching assumes that every person already possesses the answers and resources to find the gifts in all experiences they encounter, to live in balance, and to manifest their dream life.

In our coaching programs at Yoga Farm, we teach our students to learn to listen to their own inner wisdom by asking insightful questions about students’ life and experiences. We use the tools of meditation (silent observation of thoughts and feelings), inquiry (asking questions of oneself, and listening for the answers from within), and Reiki (universal healing energy, delivered with very light touch).

We do not offer therapy, counseling, medical advice, recommendations or opinions for any decisions in students life.



How does it work?

Redeem your FREE 30-minute initial consultation

We will meet at Yoga Farm or speak on the phone to get to know each other, discuss goals, and experience and explore intentions and reasons for engaging private practice. Contact us to set this up!

LOCATION: At Yoga Farm or by phone, Skype, or Facetime
COST: Free

Work with Your Spiritual Counselor to create your program

Our coaching and spiritual direction programs are led in various configurations by Christopher and Daniela.

LOCATION: At Yoga Farm or via Skype or Facetime, or at your own location (with additional cost for travel)
COST: Variable

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