On the yoga side of our school, we teach yoga and meditation classes that everyone can do. We offer Beginner and Radiant Warrior yoga courses, affordable memberships to our daily classes at Yoga Farm, a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification and continuing education modules for yoga professionals.

Take a closer look:

We use the word ‘yoga’ broadly. Our classes and courses are focused on cultivating vibrant physical well-being, freedom from anxiety, and a strong, flexible body and mind.

We teach hatha yoga, kundalini yoga, qigong, vinyasa yoga, yin yoga and restorative yoga. Our studio is not heated. When the weather is warm, our brightly lit studio is open onto a forested gorge, bringing in the breeze and delightful sound of birds and a waterfall. Most of our classes and courses are moderately paced, with a focus on accessibility and health, so that everyone who wishes to can participate.

The educational courses and workshops in our Radiant Living curriculum do not typically include yoga in the classrooms, though sometimes gentle movement or stretching is offered as part of an activity. Read on…