Schools have the unique opportunity to provide students with the lifelong skills needed to cultivate mental health and well-being.

We can help

Our Radiant Schools Curriculum is intended to: 

Jeannie O'Neill leads a 'mindfulness for schools' introductory / overview workshop at a local school for educators and administrators. Here are a few highlights of that.

  • improve student / faculty emotional and physical health

  • create positive school climate and culture

  • reduce student absenteeism 

  • reduce faculty turnover

  • reduce conflict in school

Our curriculum delivers preventive care offerings including:

  • mindfulness & yoga

  • stress and anxiety reduction

  • life skills education

  • work and personal relationship education

Jeannie and Daniela from the School For Radiant Living at Yoga Farm present an in-service seminar to educators at a local middle school as part of a building-wide educational series.

Our two lead educators, Daniela Hess and Jeannie O’Neil have Masters degrees in Education and have been NYS K-12 certified. Jeannie states: “We deliver this potent curriculum in schools as we know these techniques have measurable results. We offer techniques and tools in our ‘Radiant Schools’ programs that we have personally used in our own classrooms.”

This curriculum will help you fulfill efficiently and with measurable results, the NYS standards and frameworks for mental health:

  • social emotional learning

  • mental health support

  • positive behavioral interventions and support

  • restorative practices 

  • interconnected systems framework 

  • trauma sensitive schools

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New state law requires mental health education in school curriculum

“School children across New York State could be walking into classes that discuss mental health for the first time.

“There is a crying need that we felt has been out there for many years,” NYS Mental Health Assoc. CEO Glenn Liebman said.

“For 50 percent of the population, the onset of a mental health issue – anxiety, depression – is age 14,” Liebman said. “When they start to seek services could be up to age 24, so we are looking to help eliminate that gap.”

Carman said the way educators broach the subject will be different in every school. However, under the new law, the teaching can be embedded anywhere from a regular class to a talk with a counselor.

For more on the new curriculum, visit the New York State Mental Health Association.



Bringing these practices to your school is a simple way to support the health of faculty, staff and students.

Mindfulness and yoga practice, taught in an accessible way, can:

Jeannie in a mindfulness room at a local school

Jeannie in a mindfulness room at a local school

  • Increase students capacity to learn effectively

  • Manage challenging emotions

  • Self-regulate behavior

  • Achieve success in the classroom and in their outside lives


The Yoga Farm school-based Yoga and Mindfulness program offers a unique program combining yoga and mindfulness practices in a straightforward and intentional way. Our approach incorporates five key elements in each session: Connect, Breathe, Move, Focus and Relax. Students are taught life skills that are immediately available and deepen social emotional awareness.

 Yoga for Faculty and Staff

  • Weekly one hour classes, right after school, on site

  • Includes Yoga Farm membership with unlimited classes at our facility for the entire length of the program 

  • Yoga for ALL abilities and bodies 

Mindfulness and Yoga for Students

  • Twice/week push-in classes (20 min)  OR an after school club once/week  (40 min)

  • 8 week sessions suggested

  • At their desks, no special clothing necessary

We offer all school districts a free introduction and/or sample class in order for districts to glean insight on how we can be supportive in the district.

Classroom session at Yoga Farm

Classroom session at Yoga Farm

  • 7 Weekends; September - December 2019

  • Support through online Zoom sessions and private groups

  • Tools to use in your classroom while enrolled in the training

  • Learn a full yoga set and a variety of mindfulness practices  that can be used in many environments

200hr Meditation Teacher Training with Mindfulness for Schools Concentration for Educators

  • Next training begins March 2020

  • 5 weekends in person, 3 weekends remotely via zoom sessions

  • Learn and embody many meditation, mindfulness and Heartfulness techniques

  • Learn gentle healing and calming movement practices or children or adults

Both Teacher Training Programs include:

  • Tuition discount for multiple educators from the same building

  • Educator- or school-funded options

  • Yoga Farm membership for the length of the training (unlimited classes at our facility)

Professional Development Workshops

Jeannie leading a mindfulness workshop for school educators

Jeannie leading a mindfulness workshop for school educators

  • Find your own mindfulness practice

  • Self Care practices

  • Resiliency in the field of teaching

  • How To TRULY Get Along with Everyone You Work With

  • Learn to respond, rather than react, to stressful situations at work

  • 15 Minutes to MAXIMUM Energy

  • 3 Keys to Sustained Happiness

  • Refresh your Passion & Purpose in the Workplace

We offer all school districts a free introduction and/or sample class / session in order for districts to glean insight on how we can be supportive in the district.


"It's a pleasure working with the folks at Yoga Farm.

They continue to offer wonderful classes and packages to our school district, and it's clear that they truly want to create an all-inclusive, safe and positive environment for everyone. Their passion for health and wellness is evident in the way they teach, and in every interaction I have had with them. I am looking forward to more wonderful classes this year!"

Melissa Pope, Wellness Coordinator
Lansing Central School District

“From the beginning, every time our youth have walked into yoga, they have been greeted with smiles and acceptance.

Yoga Farm has provided a space for our residents to feel comfortable with themselves while they address their body’s physical needs. The instructors are very descriptive and are able to help our youth along the way. If you’re interested in bringing yoga to your group or team I highly recommend Yoga Farm.”

— Matthew Bell, Recreation Specialist
George Junior Republic, Freeville, NY