Community in Connection and Clarity

You are invited to join us and other kindred spirits for Sacred Sundays at Yoga Farm, from 9am - 12pm. The morning in its entirety affords you the opportunity to have a deeply personal experience with your three sacred aspects; your Body, Mind, & Soul.

The process of Sacred Sunday is anchored in connection with yourself and others:

  • reconnecting with your own inherent goodness and magnificence

  • opening yourself to the gentleness and swiftness of healing

  • reconciliation and forgiveness

  • celebrating the recognition and remembrance of who and what you truly are

We come together in Sacred Sunday to laugh and cry together, around the joys and terrors of life that we all navigate as householders.

At Sacred Sunday we celebrate and share our joys in our lives as well as that which scares us the most.

We use our voices, because in the West, speaking Truthfully is very hard for many of us. We speak or sing during segments of Sacred Sunday, as a way to get more comfortable with using our voice clearly and directly.

We have water, tea, blankets, cushions, backjacks and yoga mats (requested $1 rental fee) all available for your comfort. Please complete our release form in advance to save time at the door.

Breathe. Move. Sit. Connect.
Laugh. Heal. Receive. 

all are truly welcome
Free for members
’Offer what is honest and in integrity’ for non-members

PART I: Gentle Yoga for All Abilities

(9:00 - 10:00 AM) — Our morning yoga sets are intended to gently and easefully stretch and invigorate your body. The postures we explore in this 1-hour session can be easily modified for any body with any level of ability—this practice is truly for every body!

You get to know the others in the room, and feel the strength of those to your left and right. Love has you surrounded.

No prior experience is necessary. Bring a friend along, or make new friends here.

Every week, beautiful new faces and kind open hearts arrive. Come anytime...

Every Sunday morning:

PART I: 9 - 10 AM
Gentle Yoga for All Abilities

PART II: 10:15 - 11:15
Meditations Practice for Healing

PART III: 11:15 - 12
Community Connection
Share tea, a snack and conversation

You are invited to join the entire event, and you are equally welcome to join for any of the three segments.

This free event is supported by memberships and donation

How do I Sign Up?

If you are visiting Yoga Farm for the first time, please review our class policies and complete the release form in advance. No additional registration is required.

Videos of recent Sacred Sundays from our YouTube Channel…

PART II: Meditation Practices for Healing

(10:15 - 11:15 AM): Below are samples of our morning song prayers, sung together in community. For those of us who cannot or prefer not to vocalize, we invite you to allow the community to sing you.

Daniela of the School For Radiant Living at Yoga Farm gives guidance on mediation then leads a 5 minute meditation

Meditation is a gentle, built-in process in which all parts of you come to the surface to receive your generous, kind attention. Healing and integration happens when we embrace all of our experiences, learn from them, and integrate what we learn into our whole Self in the silent meditation portion of the event.

Whatever you welcome into your meditation, and offer your kind attention to, becomes transformed. 

This transformation ultimately leads to freedom from suffering, as we let go of anxiety and seriousness, ‘shoulds’ and ‘shouldnts’, judgments and criticisms.

At Yoga Farm, we love teaching about meditation. There are other opportunities here to learn about meditation, including private lessons, or our daily Radiant Living practice.

PART III: community connection

(11:15-12 ?): Linger afterwards to talk, reconnect with old or new friends, share a cup of tea or a snack.

We welcome all contributions of teas, fruits, or other foods to share.

Yoga Farm is inclusive of all religious and political affiliations, genders, sexual orientations, race and any other way we have come to label ourselves or be labeled. 

In the studio, we all breathe as One, together. We stretch as One, together. We meditate as One, together, and we Love as One, together.