Exceptional Living Life Course w/ Daniela & Jeannie (Online / Self-Directed)

Exceptional Living Life Course w/ Daniela & Jeannie (Online / Self-Directed)


A 6 week guided Journey into the Heart of Awareness, Connection, Fulfillment & Awe

This innovative and transformational course with Daniela & Jeannie presents 'Foundation and Keys for Exceptional Living' that equip you with the ability to access, feel and live as the 'Rapture and Vibrancy of Being Alive.' 

This is an online course, working with the weekly videos and lessons from the currently running live course. You’ll be invited to a private Facebook group where you can engage in discussion, participate in bonus live calls and receive notifications of additional live videos as your course progresses. Start anytime! Start today!

About the Course; 

Foundation of Exceptional Living Life Course curriculum is for You if you;

1️⃣ Seek to be more responsive and less reactive in your relationships with family members, partners, or co-workers

2️⃣ Seek to feel less day to day inner tension, worry, anxiety, or guilt. 

3️⃣ Seek to deepen in a much kinder, loving, and accepting relationship with yourself 

4️⃣ Seek to understand any barriers that stand between you and the life you actually want so that you can align your actions with what you value, want or intend.

In addition the ‘Keys of Exceptional Living’ will grant You access to;

  • Lightheartedness and engaged presence in your life

  • Curiosity and the desire to deeply Listen to others in your relationships 

  • Defenselessness in your communications 

  • Sustained state of Sacred Awe with new situations as well as those which appears ‘familiar’ 

  • Persistent & Consistent Gratitude

  • Laughter & Humor, which are signatures of the Open Mind

  • Renewed Awareness of Blessings and Magic in your life

  • Passion and devotion to your own priority of daily self care, nourishment, and self Love

  • A Longing to be deeply Useful to the World, and to offer your unique Gifts with Purpose and Meaning.

This Course brings together Inquiry, Awareness, & Contemplation Practices that are actionable and tangible. You will complete this Course with new ways to live your insights, realization and a-ha moments in ways that will create lasting shifts , connection, and growth in your life & in your relationships. 

🗣Participant Testimonials;

1️⃣ From start to finish Daniela inspired, encouraged, supported, uplifted and challenged me to create and embody the enchanted life I was seeking. As a teacher, Daniela is an articulate, knowledgeable, humble, passionate, professional as well as a master storyteller. Weaving threads of expertise, compassion, and impeccable integrity she delivers a well designed, fun and transformation program.”

   -Meg C., Yoga Educator, Radiance Course graduate, Elmira, NY

2️⃣ Daniela’s insight into “what is” at the crux of an issue is laser sharp and bull’s eye accurate.  She lives her connection with her inner wisdom and is an example to all that what she offers to others, she has tested herself and found it to be efficient and true.  

Yet, working with Daniela, she allows each client to find his/her own way to what is their Truth, not hers. She provides the tools and if one chooses to use them, these tools will crack you open and allow you to see, to ReMember the brilliance of your own inner Self - to hear and to learn to trust one’s own inner wisdom.” - Pennee B., Yoga Educator, Radiance Course graduate, Elmira, NY

“We're here to learn how to worship consciousness and radiance, evoke it in each other, and tolerate nothing less than our deepest love." ~David Deida

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The Exceptional Living Course is a self discovery program, led by Daniela Hess, Director of the School For Radiant Living @ Yoga Farm. This is an adult educational system designed for the student who yearns to feel the fulfillment of Connection, Purpose, and Awe in ones life and in relationships.