Passion to Purpose - a personal year-start retreat

Passion to Purpose - a personal year-start retreat

  • Start your New Year off right with students and teachers of Radiant Living. In this immersive, experiential weekend, we will explore; What does it mean to live a Purpose-Full life...? What are the top 3 most common hidden barriers in your own thinking that inhibit living Purpose-Filled...? How Passion and Creativity, when tapped into, can only lead you Rightly.

  • We will debunk with you the top 3 most common misconceptions about ‘Life Purpose’ and help you to set yourself free from those myths to live your exceptional life.

  • We are going to show you how to set an intention for your life and live into it, rather than another resolution you set that just drifts away

  • How do you align your actions with your intentions so you can align your actions to be congruent with your intention and embody your soul’s passion and live your soul’s purpose.

Administrative / Registration Fee: $25

Tuition is 'Offer What is Honest & In Integrity' at the end of the retreat.

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