‘Love & Light’ Practice & Certification; Level 1

‘Love & Light’ Practice & Certification; Level 1

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Have you ever found yourself saying, texting, or messaging online  to someone who is suffering; ‘I am so sorry to hear this news. I’m sending you Love & Light’, yet afterwards you might not have been sure ‘how’ exactly to honor your words, in Action? 

Have you ever found yourself believing you were powerless when seeing the suffering of another, near or far, and felt frustrated because you didn’t know what You could actively do to be useful? 

If you long to learn a practice that supports your heartfelt well wishes, in person, hands on, or remotely (from a distance), then this weekend is for You. 

This practice of harnessing the Power of Creative Thought - while engaging your embodied senses, and aligning with your Heartfelt wish to be of true Service - can be an active practice always available for you to engage in. 

Please join Daniela, Jeannie, and Christopher for a training weekend immersion that includes;

Saturday, 9/28; 8:30-5:30pm

The preparatory content; 

  • Meditation & Practices of The Radiant Abodes; Loving Kindness, Compassion,  Appreciative Joy & Equanimity 

  • the Layers of the Body 101; Physical, Mental, Emotional, Energy, Awareness, and Bliss bodies 

  • Healing, Reconciliation, and Forgiveness Practices 

  • Intending Practices based on the science of Lynne McTaggert’s ‘Power of 8’

  • For participants intending to Certify, Exploration of your 3 required textbooks  (for those attending who do not wish to certify, the textbooks are optional); 

  1. The Healer's Manual: A Beginner's Guide to Energy Healing for Yourself and Others by Ted Andrews (available on Amazon, new or used)

  2. Awaken Your Potency by Kimberly Beekman (available on Amazon, new or used, or our bookstore) 

  3. Power of 8 by Lynn McTaggert

(Available on Amazon, new or used) 

Sunday, 9/29; 9-5:45pm

  • The ‘Love & Light’ Practice & Certification will be taught to participants who seek to learn a gentle, hands on (or off) energetic modality that can be offered for yourself, your loved ones, pets, and clients seeking increased well being. 

  • This method brings to life the content and experiences of Saturday’s curriculum of traditional Forgiveness practices, Metta practice, Breathwork, and Intending into an intuitive, hands on, flowing, and empowering offering. 

  • The “Love & Light” modality is a very simple yet potent technique developed by the Educators of the Radiant Living School that absolutely anyone who has a sincere yearning to learn can do.  

  • Hands On (or off)  Intending & energy work is accessible in its gentleness, and easeful for the practitioner to offer to oneself and others, with confidence and humility.  

  • No prior experience is required. All that is required is your heartfelt longing and your open mind. 

  • This modality is not the same as traditional Reiki or other Reiki systems. This modality can compliment additional energetic practices, or it can be utilized on its own. 

  • There will be additional followup practice requirements and a Zoom classroom  after the weekend if you choose the ‘certification’ option. You are equally welcome either way.


$199 for Yoga Farm members 

$249 for non members


3 payments over 3 months of;

$75 for Yoga Farm members 

$90 for non members 

We look forward to spend the weekend with You!!!


Daniela, Jeannie & Christopher

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