part of our core philosophy as a nonprofit is to offer substantial programs at a self-determined tuition / fee, that we call ‘offer what is honest and in integrity’

Each student who attends a workshop, retreat, and our radiant living group courses is given this course openly.

We do not set the tuition for workshops, retreats or the group Radiance courses.

Participants will be invited to Listen for their honest, in integrity donation during or at the end of the workshop, retreat, or course, after having imbibed the jewels of direct experience from full participation.

This contemporary approach is our way of being the change we want to see in the world. We are giving you our highest quality instruction and teachings and maintaining a healing space in nature for you, so you can have a direct experience and inner transformation that will be yours forever and cannot be undone.

This model is based on the belief that acts of generosity and sharing with others will inspire and cultivate the flames of loving kindness and interconnection, awakening our kindest humanity.

These qualities, in turn, serve as the foundation for liberating insight and wisdom to grow in our hearts and to shape our relationships with others and the world around us.

Your insights, awareness and epiphanies is the foundation upon which your transformed life will be re-created. Tuition donations are the only source of funding we receive for Radiant Living Coursework; there is no foundation or benefactor supporting these courses.

To make a contribution for a class, workshop, or retreat, or to assist us in extending the reach of these gifts, you may:

or mail your check to:

School For Radiant Living
c/o Yoga Farm
404 Conlon Rd.
Lansing, NY 14882