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If you are interested in the Radiance Life Coaching Certification Program, our Radiance Course and Radiant Warrior Yoga Course are both prerequisites.

In the Radiance Course you will apply the methods and tools of this curriculum on Yourself, first. High quality coaches have imbibed their own practices and tools first, which enables them to guide clients on a similar journey of healing and ultimately, thriving. 

The Radiant Warrior Yoga Course will help you develop a healthy trusting relationship with your body and mind. We see that beings are beautiful, magnificent and inherently good. We offer these practices to students so that each person can reconnect with their inherent vibrancy, a fulfilling life, and a smile that is infectious to others.


You may also apply for an application and interview if you have:

  • Completed prior Radiance Course training, either in the group format or the individual program
  • Completed another comparable life- or health-coach training program
  • Received substantial life coaching sessions from us or another skilled coach and they would recommend you for this life coaching program
  • Completed another yoga or meditation teacher training or immersion and can speak to the educational and coaching components of that program

Signs and ways of being that indicate you are ready for this program:

  • You are thriving and experiencing fulfillment and connection in your life and you long to help others live the clarity that you are now living
  • You actively live your insights and transformations in your daily life, and in your personal way of Being in your daily interactions and relations
  • You are primarily living in internal harmony with your family and your relations
  • You catch yourself when words like ‘should’, ‘try’, ‘i guess so’’ and ‘but’ occur in your thinking and speaking
  • You can welcome criticism from others and are often able to live ‘defenselessly’
  • You truly believe that ‘nothing happens to you, and everything happens for you’, without exception
  • You prefer the truth more than you seek to be ‘right’
  • You love active listening and typically embody it in your relationships
  • You are regularly delighted by synchronicities, coincidences, and the wonder of the many scenes and characters that appear in your life
  • You personally have experienced the value of meditation and mindfulness practices, and you wish to incorporate these in a potential coaching practice
  • You embody wonder and curiosity and have skillfully learned how to release the ‘need to control’ in your life and are not often offended
  • If others were asked to describe you, they’d note that you embody a kind way of Being, a Lightheartedness that is infectious, and a peaceful clarity often is reflected from your eyes
  • You nourish your body regularly with movement and you mainly feed your body with clean and healthy food
  • You are in a kind and loving relationship with your money and finances
  • You relish high quality questions in your own inner dialogue vs negative descriptions and commentaries of yourself, others and events
  • You live your life from gratitude and forgiveness
  • You smile and laugh regularly
  • When you see yourself in the mirror you see a truly extraordinary magnificent Being looking back at you
  • You are no longer ruled by a habit or addiction in order to navigate your feelings


A life of passion and purpose awaits you. Are you ready?