Are you ready for your Radiant Life where you feel the rapture of being alive?

Radiance Course is a 12-week self-discovery program designed to catalyze deep inner healing, growth, and a life of unbidden fulfillment.


The Radiance Course is an adult educational system designed for the student who longs to Feel the Rapture of Being Alive, for what we all deeply yearn for is the feeling of the experience of Connection, Purpose, and Awe in our lives and our relationships.

As a result of your participation in Radiance Course curriculum, you’ll experience high quality self care. You will feel deeply nourished, refreshed, connected with others, and learn effective and personalized practices that lead to a Joyful body, a Clear mind and Lightness of Being.

Radiance Course offers you the opportunity to discover and connect with the nature of your fullest capacity and potential.  You will identify the roots of your inhibitions, your fears and habitual patterns, and learn to live a Luminous, Radiant life in your relationships and work.

Our 12-week group in-person and online Radiance Courses both start October 1. We recommend early registration for the fall section. If you are local to Ithaca / Lansing / Cortland, we highly recommend the in-person Radiance Course that meets Monday evenings.

Both versions of the Radiance Course include the Daily Quest program, which you can read about in detail on the Online Radiance Course page.

We are also hosting a 2-day Fall Radiance Retreat Weekend Sept 29 & 30 at Yoga Farm for everyone, whether or not you are in one of the courses. This weekend is a great chance to get a taste of the curriculum, while enjoying a refreshing retreat and meeting new friends.

12-week Radiance Course @ Yoga Farm, October 1 - December 17.

The Radiance Course will support your coming home to your body, befriending your mind and living in alignment with your soul...


  • You learn to befriend, love and trust your body
  • Movement, nourishment, dance, play, and kind self-care help you develop a healthy trusting relationship with your body
  • You experience the benefits of daily movement and breath work activity


  • You gain understanding and compassion for your own life journey and story
  • Intention, Inquiry, Contemplation & Meditation are key tools we will teach you
  • You undergo forgiveness and healing processes to integrate you with your life experiences


  • You navigate feelings without addictions, patterns and habits that no longer serve your highest good
  • Your natural Radiance will shine through your eyes and smile
  • Your learn to listen to your inner voice of Wisdom
  • You connect your Radiant Self and awaken your Kindest Humanity

How much does the radiance course cost?

Our private offerings in this curriculum, including our 12-week private Radiance Course and our Radiance Course for couples, are priced specifically according to your individual needs. Please contact us to inquire further.

However, in an effort to make this curriculum available to as many people as possible, each student who attends the group Radiance Course , the Online Radiance Course program, and our retreats is invited to to listen for a tuition that reflects what is truly honest and in full integrity for you.  

The Radiance Course is available in several formats

Group course in person

Saturday, September 29, 2018
10:30 AM - 5 PM
Sunday, September 30, 2018
9 AM - 5 PM

(7 PM - 9 PM):

October 1st - December 17th

Radiant Living Quests (lessons)
delivered to you via email or text

online radiance course

The Online Radiance Course is a 12-week self-discovery course designed to catalyze deep inner healing, growth, and a life of unbidden fulfillment.

The online program is designed for participants to spend about 10 minutes each morning rooting into one specific Quest practice that will be your particular area of focus for the day.

Private Radiance Course

Our 12-week private Radiance Course will bring sustained transformation to your life.

We meet with you one-on-one and design a custom program to help you to break through any and all barriers between you and the experience of extraordinary fulfillment in your relationships, purposeful work, a vital healthy body, and an alert, clear mind.

Radiance Course For Couples

We help couples speak the Truth and make love matter.

Our private Radiance Course is designed to assist two people in partnership who wish to reconnect with each other, with a larger sense of purpose, with their own soul, and with healthy communication.

Radiance Life Coaching Certification

Be the Light that helps other See.

Be the Guide that helps others to live a life of Fulfillment & Connection

Be the Coach that equips others to 'Feel the Rapture of Being Alive'

The Radiance Course is a pre-requisite for the Radiance Life Coaching Certification program.


Student Testimonials

"Daniela is the essence of radiance so when she offered the class, I knew I had to take it.  She structured the class in easy-to-understand sections, and helped each of us delve deep down to discover and come in touch with our own radiance."

— Patty, Radiance Course Graduate

"Taking Daniela’s Radiance Course was the BEST life decision! From start to finish Daniela inspired, encouraged, supported, uplifted and challenged me to create and embody the enchanted life I was seeking."

-- Meg, Radiance Course Graduate

"After taking the Radiance Course, I am able to settle in deeper within myself. I know what it means to be a friend of myself and what qualities I could work on. I feel more connected within my body and mind as a whole. I have Keys to help me through ANY situation – oftentimes it’s when dialogue in my mind is not the kindest (about myself)."

-- Erica, Radiance Course Graduate



Radiance Course Chapters

Chapter One: The Keys of connection

In our first chapter, we discuss the nature of our fullest capacity and potential, the roots of our inhibitions and habitual patterns, and an overview of the Keys to Live a Luminous, Radiant life.

You’ll complete this discovery of self care feeling deeply nourished, refreshed, connected with others, and with effective and personalized practices that lead to a joyful body, a clear mind and lightness of being.

Chapter Two: The Keys of Clarity

In this chapter, we learn to heal sources of fatigue, impatience, anxiety and seriousness. We learn how to work with ‘life challenges’ as entry and access points to our own growth and evolution.

We teach the secrets and keys of "how to" sustain daily habits to nourish body, mind and soul.

You will restore confidence and trust in your body and mind as you discover and practice ‘how to’ access your own inner wisdom for your modern, daily life.

Chapter 3: The Keys of Compassion

We live in a world of relationships. Our experiences and responses in our relationships either lead us to judgment and separation or to peace and Grace.

We teach secrets and keys that will show you how to live intentional, passionate, empathetic and fulfilling relationships with lovers, co-workers, acquaintances and family members.

Chapter 4: The Keys of Creation

In our final chapter for the course, you will discover and be equipped to live in and as clear awareness of the purpose of your life.

You will understand the function of the painful parts of life that grow you, and you will abide in clarity and compassion that result from integration of these experiences.

Your purposeful and passionate life now becomes a life of gratitude, laughter and service.