Qigong instructor certification Course
spring 2020
“Activate your peaceful Warrior”

QiGong means ‘Skillful use of Life Energy’, and in this first-of-it’s kind immersion you will explore and understand methods for increasing your energy internally to better respond to situations eternally. You will activate skills of intuition, participate in your own life design and employ meditations to tune up your quality of experiences and relationships.

QiGong (sometimes spelled Chi Gong or Chi Gung) is a gentle yet powerful movement and meditation system that literally everyone can do.

This QiGong instructor training course introduces physical, meditation and healing practices in an immersive format. And, we'll show you flexible ways to practice these effective techniques at home, and how to guide others in their own inner journey.

Participants in our classes report immediate shifts after the practices:

  • improvement physical alignment and balance

  • mental clarity, confidence and calm

  • more energy throughout the day

  • deeper, more restful sleep

You will be amazed at how easy the practices are once you know them, and how readily accessible they are to people of all ages and abilities

One of the core curriculum courses at Radiant Living School is the QiGong Life Course - catch a glimpse of the potential of this course in this 4 minute video.

In this instructor certification course, you will

You can see how the movements are accessible to just about everyone!

  • Discover 3 keys for living an exceptional life, activating the 3 treasures of your creativity, life force, and spiritual communion each day

  • Activate the energy system, using breathing, movement and meridian points

  • Understand the 5 elemental energies and how they affect your body and life - learn to guide students into a deeper understanding of themselves

  • Learn to teach a variety potent movement practices that everyone can do

  • Learn the basics of traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Learn to practice and teach the Fundamentals of Flow

  • Understand the Tao / The Way of Nature

The educational side of this course will include connection and discussion of our lives. We’ll study what activities or habits increase or deplete our energy, and how to reverse this and maintain an increasing, steady, balanced energy each and every day.

you will learn to connect with the Universal energies around you, in nature, to live your exceptional life

Intro to QiGong - discussion with Christopher

When: Weekly class meets 10am-4pm on Fridays. You are welcome to join additional optional weekly practice session opportunities here, and our online classes, all included in the tuition.

Class dates: February 19 - June 3,. 2020

Where: Yoga Farm in Lansing, just outside Ithaca, NY (note some classes and sessions will be outdoors in the pavilion overlooking the forested waterfall when weather permits)

Who: This class has limited enrollment - minimum 5 and maximum 12 for personal attention, instruction and connection.

Certification: This is a 100 hour teacher certification course. It is an incredible complement for any yoga teacher, massage therapist, life coach, meditation teacher, chiropractor or anyone seeking to expand their understanding of their own health and who wish to bring it to others.

Tuition options:

  • Lowest Monthly

    • Deposit of $250 secures your spot then $199 / month for 7 months (payments start when you register)

  • Paid in Full before course starts

    • Deposit of $250 secures your spot then $1,199 anytime before Feb 1, 2020 (payments at any frequency you’d like)

  • Lowest Total Tuition (Early Bird)

    • $1,249 paid in full before Dec 1, 2019 (save $394! - ONLY 6 registrations available at this tuition)

Your training course Includes:

  • weekly small group teacher training class

  • weekly small group practice classes with others in the community - you can select from any classes on the schedule that

  • customized manual

  • audio and video recordings you can keep beyond the course to continue to practice

  • email and text coaching of your practice

Daily curriculum

  • 10 - 11am - group practice session

  • 11am - 12 - study and breakdown of 1-2 specific QiGong practices

  • 12 - 1 - lunch on your own (bring a lunch and share the time with your classmates)

  • 1 - 2:30 - lecture / study

  • 2:30 - 3:30 - exploration of applying the principles in your life, or, small group teaching practice

  • 3:30 - 4 - wrap up, Q&A, homework for the week

Our QiGong is an intentional design of active movements, breathing exercises, practical lessons and meditations for men and women that;

  • prepares you to experience the natural quiet of the mind

  • affords you the tangible experience of healthy power

  • grants you access to strength beyond what you thought you were capable of

  • builds your self-confidence

  • gives you a grounding daily routine that brings inner balance and stability

  • prepares you mentally and physically for the day ahead of you

  • connects you to your sacred inner world, deeper understanding & renewed compassion of the outer world

  • refreshes your personal enthusiasm for life

This course is perfect for you, if you:

  • Are new to yoga, and are fairly active already

  • Are a yoga teacher ready to learn ‘the next big thing’

  • Seek to learn an easy-yet-powerful sequence for your home practice

  • Are a Yoga Farm member, who has been coming to classes and are curious as to ‘what’s next’ on the path of yoga

  • Are in a yoga teacher training or meditation teacher training program, and wish to deepen your knowledge

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