Qigong for health and vitality


In these QiGong courses Christopher teaches a QiGong healing and energizing set that everyone can do, purifying breathwork to energize the body or calm the mind (or both!), and healing meditations to connect you to your inner calm.

Each QiGong course introduces new practices while reinforcing practices from previous courses. And, we'll show you flexible ways to practice these effective techniques at home - in as little as 5 minutes a day!

This course is ideal for those new to yoga, those seeking to broaden their experience, or those experiencing health challenges.

When: There are 3 summer sections - join one, or all of them! There is a discount for Yoga Farm members for these courses.

  • ‘June - Move with Flow and Grace’ (8 classes) starts week of June 10th and ends July 4th

  • ‘July - Energize your Body and Mind’ (8 classes) starts week of July 8th and ends Aug 2nd

  • ‘August - Restore Healthy Body and Clear Mind’ (8 classes) starts week of Aug 5th and ends Aug 30th

Class times: 9am on Tuesday and/or Friday mornings
Where: Yoga Farm in Lansing (note these classes are outdoors in the pavilion overlooking the forested waterfall)
Single Month:
$195 - Regular Tuition
$95 - Members tuition, or if you are in our Yoga Teacher Training, or registered for upcoming Meditation Teacher Training

3 Months:
$479 - Regular Tuition
$249 - Member or active teacher trainee

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“The fearlessness of Warriorship comes from working with the softness of the human Heart” - Chogyam Trungpa

This QiGong Course will teach you an intentional design of active movements, breathing exercises, practical lessons and meditations for men and women that;

  • prepares you to experience the natural quiet of the mind

  • affords you the tangible experience of healthy power

  • grants you access to strength beyond what you thought you were capable of

  • builds your self-confidence

  • gives you a grounding daily routine that brings inner balance and stability

  • prepares you mentally and physically for the day ahead of you

  • connects you to your sacred inner world, deeper understanding & renewed compassion of the outer world

  • refreshes your personal enthusiasm for life

This course is perfect for you, if you:

  • Are new to yoga, and are fairly active already

  • Have completed our Come Home to Your Body, or Beginner’s Yoga Series, or a previous ‘Radiant Warrior Yoga Course’

  • Seek to learn an easy-yet-powerful sequence for your home practice

  • Are a Yoga Farm member, who has been coming to classes and are curious as to ‘what’s next’ on the path of yoga

  • Are in a yoga teacher training or meditation teacher training program, and wish to deepen your knowledge



The focus of this course is to open, stretch, and strengthen the entire body, in as little as a half hour a day. We have selected movements from Tai Chi and QiGong that most people can practice, regardless of age or fitness, and teach them mindfully so they can be practiced safely in the studio or at home with confidence and ease.

In the process, you’ll have the opportunity to

  • Heal from physical and emotional pain

  • Deepen in present moment awareness

  • Increase connection and reverence for your body

  • Strengthen your body, correct poor posture and find relief from back pain