private yoga teacher trainings


Yoga teacher curriculum customized to fit you

We offer our Mindful Warrior Yoga 200 hour Teacher Training AND modular 50 hour trainings for specific styles of yoga as private trainings. Learn to teach yoga with one on one private instruction on a schedule that meets when you are available. This program is guided and taught one on one by Yoga Farm Directors Christopher, Daniela, and Jeannie O’Neill. You will also study with and learn from other members of the Yoga Farm teaching staff during your customized training course.

Training options:

  • Full, 200 hour yoga teacher training utilizing our core curriculum

    • This private yoga teacher training includes all the best components of our 200 hour yoga teacher group certification process, yet we are able to tailor and customize your one on one training based on your previous experience (if any), as well as help you to discover your passion and purpose and how you wish to offer or create this as a potential business.

      At the end of this program, you will be a certified yoga teacher, registered with the Yoga Alliance, able and ready to teach yoga in any setting.

  • Modular, 50 hour private trainings, either to deepen your own practice, OR to teach you to teach, a style of yoga

    • Yin Yoga 50 hour certificate training

    • Kundalini Yoga 50 hour certificate training

    • Restorative Yoga 50 hour certificate training

    • Chi Gong (QiGong) 50 hour certificate training

    • Teaching Masterful Private Sessions 50 hour certificate training

    • Reiki and Healing Touch 50 hour certificate training

    • Vinyasa Flow 50 hour certificate training

    • Intuitive Meditation 50 hour certificate training

Perhaps you have started a yoga teacher training and would like to pick up where you left off. Or, maybe you know exactly what style of yoga you wish to teach or who you wish to teach it to? Maybe you are already a 200 hour certified yoga teacher and wish to continue your training at a pace that suits you.

It's OK if you don't, because in this private training you will have an opportunity to really discover your unique talents and gifts as a yoga teacher and how you feel called to offer it to the world.

We'll focus this training to assist you in developing the focus and capability to take your services into the world.

Are you seeking accelerated yoga training and transformational process that will prepare you for your life of service? This is that program.

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advantages of a private yoga teacher training

  • Your specific life and business goals become part of the curriculum

  • Go at your own pace - achieve your 200 hour yoga teacher certification in a few months, or take up to a year

  • One-on-one sessions scheduled at your convenience - need to go out of town? no problem...

  • Exclusive and private access to lead yoga teachers Christopher and Jeannie and life-coach Daniela

  • Business consulting for your teaching will prepare you for your career right out of the gates

  • Practice teaching of classes at Yoga Farm and possibly elsewhere in the community

  • Learn the yoga that suits you, establish your meditation practice, and all other aspects of yoga in your optimum way

  • We will help you create and launch your business

  • Sessions are:

    • Here at Yoga Farm with us

    • On your own self-paced study

    • On phone or Facetime on an occasional basis

    • Out in the community, with us as your skills develop

  • This unique curriculum includes a customized version of all of our private offerings, including

Our private certification trainings are by application and interview only, and there is only 1 spot available to begin at this time. 


  • 200 hour certification program: $18,000

  • 50 hour module: $4,500

Ready to learn more? Call/text 607-280-2010 or email