Ready for ease in your body & peace in your mind

The science of yoga & meditation is capable of bringing you lasting transformation, helping you create balance in your life and live up to your true potential.

Historically, yoga was taught one-on-one. Only recently did yoga start being taught as group fitness classes.

Why Private Lessons?

When we work privately, you’ll learn to support your body, mind and heart in a way that best fits your life and goals.

In our private work together we will weave a tapestry of yoga, breathwork, meditations, restorations and deep rest from many traditions of yoga. Gentle yoga is merged with postures to build strength and alignment and practices that increase energy. Deep rest concludes each session, leaving you alert and ready for the rest of your day. You can ask as many questions as you like as we go along, and even record our sessions for later review and practice.

Your private lesson can be focused on any of the following:

  • Therapeutic Yoga - recover from injury, surgery

  • Pain Relief - neck, back, SI joint, tension headaches

  • Hatha Yoga - learn a classic yoga style

  • Ashtanga / Power / Vinyasa Yoga - build strength and endurance

  • Gentle Yoga - for all ages and abilities

  • Kundalini Yoga - build stamina and willpower

  • Yin Yoga - deep meditative yoga

  • Trauma-Informed Yoga:

    • Check-in on breath and body sensations

    • Embodiment and healing physical practice

    • Check-in after, naming sensations and feelings

    • Instructions for yoga and mindfulness practices at home

    • Journaling opportunity in session and at home

  • Yoga to support your physical therapy

  • Yoga for sports performance improvements - golf, running, cycling, swimming etc.

  • Breathing and Meditation Lessons - connect to Peace within

  • Chi Gong for Health and Vitality - dynamic healing movements and meditations

  • Not sure? Meet with us and we'll find the right style, together :)

How does it work?

Redeem your FREE 30-minute initial consultation

We will meet at Yoga Farm or speak on the phone to get to know each other, discuss goals, and experience and explore intentions and reasons for engaging private practice. Contact us to set this up!

LOCATION: At Yoga Farm or by phone, Skype, or Facetime
COST: Free

Attend a full private yoga session, for one person, a couple, or two friends

The initial session is 75 minutes long, and follow-up sessions are 60 or 90 minutes. We start with about 5-10 minutes of discussion to clarify goals for the session, followed by appropriate yoga, mindfulness and meditation practices, and a wrap up talk at the end for questions and to offer suggestions for ongoing practice.

LOCATION: At Yoga Farm or via Skype or Facetime, or at your own location (with additional cost for travel)
COST: $90 per 60 minute onsite session, $125 per 90 minute onsite session, travel additional if applicable

Or: attend your introductory five-class private yoga sessions (new students only)

With five sessions planned together, we’ll be able to go deeply into specific yoga sequences tuned for your body and mind. Each session is scheduled at your convenience, and will build on core fundamentals appropriate to your physical and emotional condition.  You’ll have the chance in between our sessions to practice what we are learning and return with questions for refinement and deepening of your experience and learning.

LOCATION: At Yoga Farm or via Skype or Facetime, or at your own location (with additional cost for travel)
COST: $375 for five 1 hour sessions


Initial Consultation:

Single Private Session:
$90 / 60 minute session
$125 / 90 minute session
Travel additional if session not in our studio

Introductory Five-Class Pass (New Students Only):


"I recently resumed yoga after many years of not practicing. Starting individual lessons at the Yoga Farm with Christopher has been a great experience. The studios is very peaceful and Christopher is an amazing instructor. I would recommend anyone interested in trying yoga consider the Yoga Farm!"

— S.C.
Ithaca, NY

"I did a private three-lesson series because I wanted special sessions customized just for me. Christopher did a great job of understanding what worked for me and what didn’t, and was patient with explanations. At the end of my sessions I had learned real tools that I could use in my personal practice that I could have never put together in a group class."

— J.V.
Ithaca, NY

"I began weekly sessions with Christopher two months ago, as a supplement to my usual training routine. With his expert guidance I have already noticed increased flexibility especially the in the back and hips, which has had a positive impact on my golf game and my overall feeling of wellness. His new facility is lovely, spacious and well-equipped."

— George A. Hay
Cornell Law School



Results come from a deeper commitment to your Self. Contact us to start your personal journey!