private Radiance course for Couples

We help couples speak the Truth and Make Love Matter.

Our private Radiance Course is designed to assist two people in partnership who wish to reconnect with each other, with a larger sense of purpose, with their own soul, and with healthy communication.

In this program, you will reconnect with the feelings that brought you together in the first place, re-establishing your foundation of trust and connection.

This is an educational course, not marital therapy. Christopher and Daniela are coaches and educators, not therapists. We will not make suggestions or give advice about your relationship. Rather, we teach tools that guide you into the fullness of your own wisdom, your heart, and to see your Self, your needs and wants, and those of your partner clearly.

Together you will learn tools and keys that are not just concepts – these are to be lived, in your life, with your partner, with your family members. These tools will reconnect you in new ways of relating, listening, and being together.

Your personalized course is six weeks long, and includes:

  1. Four in-person sessions (around 90 minutes each) with Daniela and/or Christopher.
  2. Daily practices and lessons to facilitate your ability to live your insights, realizations and clarity.
  3. Manual and worksheets.
  4. Unlimited text, email or Facebook messenger support and Q&A.
  5. A complimentary Yoga Farm membership.

We offer an initial complimentary 30-minute session for those interested in this educational course. We will send you an initial inventory questionnaire before our first meeting.

Interested? Please call or email us to inquire!


The Radiance Course will help balance your...


You learn to befriend, love and trust your body

Movement, nourishment, dance, play, and kind self-care help you develop a healthy trusting relationship with your body

You receive personalized and custom-designed daily movement and breath work exercises


You gain understanding and compassion for your own life journey and story

Intention, Inquiry, Contemplation & Meditation are key tools we will teach you

You undergo forgiveness and healing processes to integrate you with your life experiences


You navigate feelings without addictions, patterns and habits that no longer serve your highest good

Your natural Radiance will shine through your eyes and smile

Your learn to listen to your inner voice of Wisdom

You discover your Radiant Self and awaken your Kindest Humanity


“I owe Daniela endless gratitude; her coaching lies at the core of why I am at peace with myself and living a happy, fulfilled life. She provided insight and guidance during a treacherous time in my life, not only bringing me out of a troubling situation, but grounding me as a person and profoundly changing how I live and view the world. Years later, the insight from Daniela’s coaching has stuck with me and almost single-handedly helped me through major life challenges. The things I have learned from Daniela affect my life every day and as a result, my life is much more purposeful, joyful, successful and aligned than it ever was before. I don’t say this about many people or things, but Daniela’s guidance changed my life.” 

— Katarina


“Daniela is one of the most powerful people I have ever met. Her ability to hold people in love creates a healing experience in her presence that allows couples and individuals to find their way to what matters most, Love.”

— Dr. Marne O’Shae

"I have studied with Daniela Hess for approximately two years and have found her to be a truly gifted, insightful, and profoundly sensitive spiritual teacher. She combines her wealth of spiritual background and knowledge with incredible insights and effortlessly weaves them into each class."

— Patty