learn to meditate at Yoga Farm

At Yoga Farm, we teach meditation for householders—people who live in the world, who have relationships, jobs, families, houses, to-do lists.

At Yoga Farm, Christopher & Daniela teach practical meditation for householders – people who live in the world, who have relationships, jobs, families, houses, and to do lists.

“Meditation can be a tremendous aid in your path to a life of joy and fulfillment, free of unnecessary worry, anxiety and stress” - Christopher @ Yoga Farm

Yet, if we are trying too hard to ‘control our thinking’, or sit up straight, or follow a breath or mantra without interruption, we may get frustrated and miss out on some of the inherent benefits of meditation.

Ready to try meditation right now? Find a quiet space to sit for a while and tune in to one of the guided meditations recorded live here at Yoga Farm.

Some common myths about meditation

Daniela of the School For Radiant Living at Yoga Farm gives guidance on mediation then leads a 5 minute meditation inspired by the Radiance Sutras by Lorin Roche
  • MYTH; 'I can't meditate because I've tried but I can't stop my thinking

  • MYTH; 'I’ve heard there's really a ‘best’ way to meditate; upright position for 20 minutes, twice a day

  • MYTH; 'My mind is just too ‘monkey mind’, so I guess it’s not for me'

  • MYTH; 'Meditation means the mind is really empty’

  • MYTH; ‘Meditation isn’t exactly ‘Fun’, it’s something you’re supposed to do, like daily greens and exercise’

You are unique

A meditation talk with Christopher & Jeannie of the School For Radiant Living at Yoga Farm. This is an evening conversation during our Yoga Teacher Training 200 hour. See www.YogaFarm.us for upcoming dates.

Your life experiences, your body and mind, your relationships, your loves, your desires, are unique. A being like you has never before existed.

Meditation is a bridge of experiences – linking your inner world and your outer world. Integrating all of You back into ‘YourSelf’. 

Meditation is a process in which all parts of you come to the surface to receive your generous, kind attention. Healing and integration happens when we embrace all of our experiences, learn from them, and integrate what we learn into our whole Self.

Whatever you welcome into your meditation, and offer your kind attention to, becomes transformed. 

This transformation ultimately leads to freedom from suffering, as we let go of anxiety and seriousness, ‘shoulds’ and ‘shouldnts’, judgments and criticisms.

thousands of meditation styles

There are literally thousands of different kinds of meditative techniques. With just the right meditation approach and instruction, your meditation will become effortless, easeful, and something you will truthfully look forward to. When you discover the specific meditation practice that you relish, meditation will then become a time to be with yourself, for healing, inspiration, integration, for rest.

  • Meditations can involve breath, sound, movement, touch, smell, taste.

  • Meditation can be accessed indoors our outdoors.

  • Standing up, lying down, or sitting in any position.

  • Meditations can be short or long.

  • Meditation can feel wonderful, and it can feel turbulent at times – both are part of the process, and welcomed.

At Yoga Farm, we offer weekly meditations as a group, and a custom-tailored private meditation course.

  • Weekly morning group meditations on Saturday (9-10am) and Sunday (10-11:15am) (both are free!)

  • Private meditation course

It is our great passion and honor to Guide you in a style of meditation that is effective, efficient, and extremely dear to our hearts. We are honored to lead You in the style of meditation that our teacher, Lorin Roche, has taught Westerners for many years. 

Private meditation course


Our private meditation course has a minimum of 5 in-person sessions, three in a row the first week, and one each in the two weeks that follow.

During the 21-day duration of the overall program, you will also have the option additional daily phone or FaceTime meditations (a 20-30 minute call) each week.

Time: In-person sessions will be 60-90 minutes, meditation calls are 15-30 minutes.

Location: In-person sessions are at Yoga Farm, in our beautiful, studio that is conducive to meditation.

Why Private Lessons?

The supreme benefit of a private program is that you will efficiently discover the optimal meditation technique that suits your constitution, temperament and your natural, unfiltered loves and joys.

The meeting times are scheduled to be convenient for you. The meditation instructions and techniques are gleaned from your own experience – what you already know about yourself that brings you joy and lightness. The coaching in our sessions will identify blocks or hindrances to meditation as they arise.

You will learn just the right meditation practice for you, involving senses, sounds, movements, locations, and durations that suit you.

This course has at least 5 sessions together in 21 days—both in person and on Facetime or by phone. In the first week, we meet three times, usually on back-to-back days so that we can meditate together, discuss and tweak and tailor your meditation based on your experiences.

You will have the class to yourself, with Christopher and/or Daniela, Directors of Yoga Farm and developers of this unique and effective learn-to-meditate program.

private meditation course

Tuition: $475

Space is limited, we have seats for two new students at this time

Payment plans and work-trade opportunities are available on a limited basis; please contact us to inquire.

This program can start anytime!

There is an application process and an in-person interview is required prior to acceptance. Contact us to learn more about this program and receive the application!

Weekly Group Meditations

 You are invited to join our free weekly Intuitive meditation from 9-10am each Saturday at Yoga Farm. Beginners welcome!

You are invited to join our free weekly Intuitive meditation from 9-10am each Saturday at Yoga Farm. Beginners welcome!

 Each Sunday we offer several meditations together as part of our free  Sacred Sunday Celebration  (Meditations start at 10am)

Each Sunday we offer several meditations together as part of our free Sacred Sunday Celebration (Meditations start at 10am)

Daniela & Christopher invite you to their weekly Radiance Meditation at Yoga Farm, every Saturday at 9am


“Christopher specially tailored our meditation and mindfulness session according to goals that my husband and I had set but had not moved towards. We wanted to get back into consistent meditation, and Christopher suggested a 28 day meditation practice. That worked! We can see the improvement in our ability to meditate together."
– A.F. Ithaca, New York

"WOW! I had no idea that meditation could be so wonderful! I always thought I wasn’t a good meditator because my mind wouldn’t shut off when I tried to meditate, but Christopher and Daniela dispelled ‘"meditation myths," showed me a variety of meditation techniques to sample, and helped me discover the ones that helped me to really feel the deep calm inside. I believe I can now go home and try this, because I can welcome all parts of myself when I meditate. Thank you, Yoga Farm!"

— Samantha G., Syracuse, New York

 Daniela leading Sacred Sunday

Daniela leading Sacred Sunday

 Christopher guiding meditation at Sacred Sunday

Christopher guiding meditation at Sacred Sunday

Meditation is a great gift to give yourself. It is a way to experience a higher quality of life just by going inside yourself and touching your center for a moment. It is a brief retreat from the world that lets you re-enter the world with a more vivid presence.

Meditation is about being intimate with your deepest self. Any sense of formality, any sense that you were doing a technique that comes from outside of yourself interferes with this necessary closeness. 

Approaching meditation with a pleasurable indulgence will help you develop good instincts for your path, because instinctive guidance comes from the same place as your cravings and desires. When we get in touch with her instincts we can become our own guided meditation with your own daily life as your feedback mechanism.

Meditation is not one monotone mood of reverence , nor is it only irreverence. It is a wide open embrace of every possible mood, emotion, and current of your being: that is meditation’s simplicity.” 

-Lorin Roche, Author of the Radiance Sutras and Meditation pioneer and Teacher since 1968