PRESS RELEASE: Yoga Farm Announces 2018 Expanded Wellness Offerings and New "Connection is Healing" Initiative

“Connection is Healing” Initiative Offers Flexible Tuition to Individuals Navigating Cancer Treatment, Chronic Illness, Depression, PTSD, and More

Photo by Christopher Grant, courtesy of Yoga Farm.

Photo by Christopher Grant, courtesy of Yoga Farm.


Lansing, New York (January 25, 2018) — Yoga Farm—Lansing’s premier educational and retreat center for yoga, meditation, and spiritual coursework—has announced its program of robust offerings for 2018 designed to impact broader and more underserved communities in the Finger Lakes region. In addition to an expanded yoga class schedule with newly discounted membership prices, Yoga Farm has launched a special initiative to offer individuals who are navigating health and lifestyle challenges the opportunity to join the center as a three-month member at any tuition that  is manageable for them.

This Connection is Healing initiative was conceived by Yoga Farm founders and directors Daniela Hess and Christopher Grant as a continuation of their long-term efforts to extend the opportunities for physical and emotional healing that yoga, meditation, guidance, and connection can provide to individuals in the community who are most in need. Individuals who qualify for the program include those navigating cancer treatment; chronic illness (including Lyme disease, Hashimoto’s disease, fibromyalgia, and others); depression and anxiety; post-traumatic stress disorder; grief and bereavement; and full-time caregiving of a loved one, including mothers with young children. 

“We recognize that these afflictions radically impact the entirety of your life: how you feel about yourself, your energy levels, levels of frustration, ability to feel connected with others, and loneliness,” says Hess of why the center began this offering. “Healing invites the kindest versions of yourself to re-emerge, as we increase our ability to treat ourselves and others more kindly and patiently outside of the studio, in the arena of our lives.”

Yoga Farm leadership has recognized that those individuals who are navigating such lifestyle hardships are often those who do not have the financial flexibility to spend excess money on self care. While their memberships are regularly priced at a monthly rate of $64, or $192 for three months—already rivaling the rates of peer Ithaca-based yoga studios in affordability—students who enroll in this offering have the option to pay any membership tuition that is “honest and in integrity” for them given their present circumstances. If students wish to continue their membership at the conclusion of three months, Yoga Farm staff have expressed that they will work individually with the student to ensure their tuition stays affordable for their finances.

The announcement of this healing initiative coincides with Yoga Farm’s newly-released schedule of over 20 yoga classes per week that range in styles and activity levels—from vigorous vinyasa classes to a special restorative yoga class with live music accompaniment—to which students enrolled in this offering receive unlimited access throughout the duration of their three-month membership. Their membership also allows discounts on Yoga Farm’s regularly-offered workshops and coursework in meditation, life coaching, and spiritual counseling.

Citing substantial medical and field research on the healing effects of these such offerings, Yoga Farm’s confidence in their programs’ ability to help guide these underserved communities towards healing represents the impetus for this initiative. “Our yoga classes and workshops deeply nourish your body, your mind, and your soul,” remarks Hess. “The classrooms are incredibly friendly, safe, and nurturing—a place where you can come exactly as you are and reconnect with yourself.”

Since its founding in 2014, Yoga Farm has reflected its commitment to extending its healing offerings to as many individuals and householders in the area as possible by creating powerful curricula and programs at affordable—even free—rates. In addition to this special deal for individuals with health and lifestyle challenges, Yoga Farm has recently announced its limited time membership special which offers a 2018 annual membership for $365—effectively costing participating members $1 a day—for unlimited yoga, meditation and chi gong classes as well as discounts on workshops and coursework.

Yoga Farm also regularly offers a number of community programs that are available to the public at no cost, including their renowned Sacred Sunday Community program, hosted every Sunday of the year from 9:00 to 11:15 AM, during which participants join in gentle yoga for all abilities as well as group meditations for healing and reconciliation. As a recent addition to Yoga Farm’s no-cost offerings, they now host a free Radiance Meditation every Saturday morning from 8:00 - 8:45 AM.

Yoga Farm is a center for education, healing, and retreat on 65 acres just outside of Ithaca, New York. Yoga Farm offers courses and retreats in meditation, mindfulness, and yoga in addition to offering individual, couples, and group coaching and education via their proprietary life coaching methodology, the Radiance Course. While Yoga Farm offers many yoga classes, its overall emphasis is on teaching skills, tools, and healing techniques for body and mind so that students are able to bring their very best self to their work, relationships, and service work. In this way, Yoga Farm’s mission is to contribute every day to improving the health and wellness of families, communities, and workplaces in the region. Yoga Farm is located at 404 Conlon Rd., Lansing, NY 14882, and more information about their facilities and offerings can be found at

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Mariko Jana Azis