PRESS RELEASE: Yoga Center Adds Spiritual Education Courses


Yoga Farm, a state-of-the-art spiritual education center in Lansing, NY, has unveiled their winter 2016 educational courses, the first expansion since the Grand Opening in June 2015, and announced an open house January 25th, 5:30-8pm for the general public.

The winter semester consists of three different courses for the body, mind and heart, which start in the first week of February, and meet once a week during February and March.

Each of these courses is specifically designed to aid adult students in aligning body, mind and heart, and teach a recipe for reducing suffering.

With these courses as an addition to the regular daily yoga classes, students will have even more opportunities to take steps towards enhancing their health and happiness. These new courses are unique offerings created by Yoga Farm and HeartPath Institute. Founded by Daniela Hess and Ravindra Walsh in March 2015, the HeartPath Institute offers their Spiritual Direction courses for couples and individuals at  the Yoga Farm Center.

“Students are coming to the Yoga Farm because they want to make a lifestyle change, and to be able to sustain that is very difficult to do alone,” Hess said. “Here you have loving support, skillful guidance, accountability and compassion.”

The first course: ’Come Home to Your Body’, is ideal for students of all ages, abilities, shapes, and sizes who are ready to learn yoga, meditation and mindfulness techniques that they can practice from the comfort of their own home.

“This course contains unique content, lessons and yoga sequences that build on each other week to week,” Grant said, “so that at the end you will have learned a valuable practice that can support your health and well being for years to come.”

The second course: ‘Dare to Fall Blissfully in Love with Your Self’ is for individuals who are seeking the opportunity to delve much deeper into the experience of their Heart’s Intent and consciously live that in their life.

The third course: ‘The HeartPath of Partnership’ is for couples, individuals in a partnership and students preparing themselves for a loving relationship. Students can be in a relationship with a sibling, parent or even child, or a romantic partner. Students who are ready to deepen into the experience of both like and love with yourself and another will learn a great deal in this course.

To learn more about these three courses and meet the Yoga Farm and HeartPath Institute Teachers, Yoga Farm is hosting an Open House on Monday January 25th from 5:30-8:00pm at 404 Conlon Rd. Lansing, NY.

Mariko Jana Azis