Brand New to Meditation?  Or perhaps you have a practice you already enjoy?

All are welcome to join our weekly "Happy Hour Meditation' class, where you will receive Meditation instruction & dispel myths and fears such as: 

  • MYTH; 'I can't meditate because I've tried but I can't stop my thinking.

  • MYTH; 'I’ve heard there's really a ‘best’ way to meditate; upright position for 20 minutes, twice a day.’

  • MYTH; 'My mind is just too ‘monkey mind’, so I guess it’s not for me’

  • MYTH; 'Meditation means the mind is really empty’

  • MYTH; ‘Meditation isn’t exactly ‘Fun’, it’s something you’re supposed to do, like daily greens and exercise’

We PROMISE you that after an experience of Mediation at Happy Hour, you will leave with an experience of, "ohhhh, so ?that's what mediation is? I really CAN do that, and release the myths about Mediation'

  • Please arrive at  5:15pm if you are new to meditation for an opportunity for us to meet and we will share some very simple instruction with you. 

  • 5:30-6pm, together, we'll all enjoy a meditation adventure within, and share a light snack, tea, or juice afterwards.

At Yoga Farm, Christopher & Daniela teach practical meditation for householders – people who live in the world, who have relationships, jobs, families, houses, and to do lists.

“Meditation can be a tremendous aid in your path to a life of joy and fulfillment, free of unnecessary worry, anxiety and stress”

 - Christopher @ Yoga Farm

Meditation is a bridge of experiences – linking your inner world and your outer world. Integrating all of You back into ‘YourSelf’.

Meditation is a process in which all parts of you come to the surface to receive your generous, kind attention. Healing and integration happens when we embrace all of our experiences, learn from them, and integrate what we learn into our whole Self.

Whatever you welcome into your meditation, and offer your kind attention to, becomes transformed.

This transformation ultimately leads to freedom from suffering, as we let go of anxiety and seriousness, ‘shoulds’ and ‘shouldnts’, judgments and criticisms.

To find out more about our approach to meditation, and see some videos and opportunities for private lessons, click here

This is a class for everyone! Free for members, Suggested $20 donation for non-members.

Please confirm on the schedule, this class happens most, though not all Fridays. 

Please Do pre-register so we know you are joining us. We truly look forward to introduce You to the "New Kinda Happy Hour", where you come as You are, and ALL aspects of you are truly Welcomed..