In this live zoom course, you will learn about how these three states of Being are necessities for the expressions of healthy Intimacy to naturally arise, and you will be able to identify specific barriers that diminish or block your experiences of them in your partnership.

“I want to unfold. Let no place in me hold itself closed, for where I am closed, I am false. I want to stay clear in your sight.” -Rilke


When? 3 Wednesdays in June from 7-8:30pm (Wednesday June 12,19,26 - 7-8:30 pm)
Where? Live Online on Zoom - your computer or phone
How Much? ‘Honest & In Integrity Self-Determined Tuition’
With? Christopher and Daniela
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You are invited to join Daniela & Christopher Live/Online for 3 Wednesday evenings in June for The Couples Course; ‘The Three Keys to Intimacy’ 

We will meet with you from 7-8:30pm, EST, to uncover the 3 necessary Keys for a truly fulfilling relationship & the 3 most common barriers to Intimacy that couples face. 

🔅You will receive the Zoom Link on 6/10 via email, before Class 1.

🔑The Three Keys are; 

🔅 Awe; The feeling of cherishing wonder and curiosity with yourself and your partner

🔅 Connection; The effect of intentional attention and presence, anchored in respect and reverence for one another. 

🔅 Fulfillment;  The experience of knowing and communicating what deeply matters to you and your partner in your relationship and aligning your expressions and actions with what deeply nourishes you. Fulfillment requires each individual to regularly be Self Reflective and ask oneself; Who and what am I being such that I am creating experiences that open me to feel fulfillment? Fulfillment can feel Purposeful, with great honor and humility.

In this 3 Session Live Couples Course, you will learn about how these three states of Being are necessities for the expressions of healthy Intimacy to naturally arise, and you will be able to identify specific barriers that diminish or block your experiences of them in your partnership.

These Three Keys, when experienced equally at the level of the Body, the Mind, and the Soul, will afford you the fulness of Balance and Harmony, within, and experienced in the natural Magnificence of Intimacy in your Partnership.

🔶 We’ve  worked with many couples over the years, and some of the most common barriers to Awe, Connection, and Fulfillment are;

  • Unhealed memories, tension and anxieties sourced from incidents of betrayal, shame, and abandonment

  • Seriousness

  • Loneliness & Withdrawing

  • Addictions; Habits and patterns you turn to to change the way you are feeling 

🔶 These Barriers are Sourced in the 3 Root Anxieties of;

  • the concern that you are left out, abandoned, or disconnected/separate from another or a group 

  • the concern that you are truly unworthy, unloved, or not good enough

  • the concern that you are not doing enough 

🔶 When we believe the above anxious thoughts to be true, or something in the present reactivates an unhealed past hurt or trauma, the inner tension we feel in response expresses itself through a variety of ways that create disconnection in partnerships;

  • Unexpressed wants and/or expectations that breed resentments , disconnection, and repetitive, predictable arguments 

  • Habits, patterns and addictions that individuals turn to to change the internal discomfort and agitation of the feelings that arise when; 

    • they believe they are being ignored, not heard, or seen

    • they feel shame or belittled or put down in communications

    • they feel like they are receiving the least present , kind and considerate version of their partner and they withdraw, argue, or just feel paralyzed. 

  • Missing education  and practice in how to truly Listen to one another, how to Pause when agitated, and how to summon Gentlness & Simple Insightful  Questions with one another vs becoming more forceful with opinions and assumptions

  • Lack of Awareness regarding the internal dialogue and opinions individuals have about one another that then is reflected in communications and actions that sting and go unresolved.

  • We wear our frustrations, overwhelm, and upsets on our face and body language. What are you communicating when you are inbshated space with your prayer.

“An honorable human relationship, that is, one in which two people have the right to use the word love, is a process of deepening the truths they can tell each other.”

-Adrienne Rich 

🎁By the end of the Course, you will be able to successfully implement:

  • Communication methods that are truly game changers with one another

  • A new way of Listening that is much more effective than you previously knew

  • An understanding of how the care of your physical body radically effects literally every area of your partnership 

  • An Awareness of how the contents and quality of your thoughts , all day long, influences the entirety of your daily life and is the sole determinant of your happiness or your misery.

Lastly, we encourage you to invite anyone to this course that you think it would make a difference for. I’m passionate about my work with couples because many couples lack education that teaches how to experience deep intimacy in partnership, and it’s not always an intuitive pathway! 

Many couples experience radical shifts in relatedness with one another due to exposure and implementation of these educational practices, and healthy, deeply connected partnerships influence very powerfully and positively all those they encounter.

This is no. small. thing... 

So, kindly let others know about this Course - Friends, family members, or co workers, that you think it would truly be a fit for. This is great for those who are in any kind of committed relationship whether new or those who have been in relationship for years. 

✅ To participate in the Course, you must join the Live conversation, using the Video component, only. Calling in by phone, only, will not be welcomed for this Course. 

Participants open up and share very vulnerably in these conversations. It’s important eyes be met by the Friendly eyes of all others on the call. 

✅ The replay videos will be emailed to you the next day for registered participants and shared with participants who let us know in advance they cannot attend a session.

✅  You do not have to be in a relationship to participate, nor do both parties in a coupleship need to participate in the Course. It is absolutely wonderful and ideal if you both join, of course !

🤔 A few questions to contemplate before we meet;

  • Do you see your partner as someone who ‘should do for you’ OR, as the Beloved, with whom you long to experience Devotion with and for?

  • What can you imagine your experience could be like in your Partnership if ‘Cherishing’ was at the helm of your interactions- with yourself and with one another?

  • How aware are you regarding your daily rhythms? How aware are you of your partners natural rhythms?

Take some time before the Course begins to just be curious about this, and enjoy the inquiry...

We so look forward to share these upcoming evenings with You!

How much does this course cost?

In an effort to make this curriculum available to as many people as possible, each student who attends any of our group Radiant Living courses or retreats is invited to to listen for a tuition that reflects what is truly honest and in full integrity for you.  Your tuition payment can be made online, in person, or mailed in.

Student Testimonials


🗣Participant Testimonials;

1️⃣ From start to finish Daniela inspired, encouraged, supported, uplifted and challenged me to create and embody the enchanted life I was seeking. As a teacher, Daniela is an articulate, knowledgeable, humble, passionate, professional as well as a master storyteller. Weaving threads of expertise, compassion, and impeccable integrity she delivers a well designed, fun and transformation program.”

-Meg C., Yoga Educator, Radiance Course graduate, Elmira, NY

2️⃣ Daniela’s insight into “what is” at the crux of an issue is laser sharp and bull’s eye accurate. She lives her connection with her inner wisdom and is an example to all that what she offers to others, she has tested herself and found it to be efficient and true.

Yet, working with Daniela, she allows each client to find his/her own way to what is their Truth, not hers. She provides the tools and if one chooses to use them, these tools will crack you open and allow you to see, to ReMember the brilliance of your own inner Self - to hear and to learn to trust one’s own inner wisdom.”

- Pennee B., Yoga Educator, Radiance Course graduate, Elmira, NY