now students, yoga teachers and educators can participate in a unique, in-depth double certification program

In this 200 hour certification program, students and educators will learn to practice and teach meditation & mindfulness Practices that everyone can do in any environment.

Meet our teachers and our 9 month 200 hour instructor certification - in progress now, next course starts in early 2020. Pre-registration available.

We have found that these practices together can facilitate deep connection internally, as well as kindness and presence with others. These practices are designed for maximum accessibility and can be practiced in almost any environment.

This curriculum is designed to train the mind to ultimately become the servant of the Master, the Heart. When you discover through meditation that your inner world is an extraordinary adventure and you befriend all aspects of yourself, within, a gorgeous love affair with yourSelf unfolds.

This is the process of falling in love with yourself, and the doorway to feeling the rapture of being alive. This doorway grants you an all access pass to cherishing and celebrating your uniqueness, to embracing what lights you up, and the courage to live authentically as YourSelf.

Movement and mindfulness are necessary foundations in order to truly feel the Rapture of being Alive. Mindfulness trains the mind to serve the Wisdom of the Heart. Meditation is a doorway by which you fall deeply and truthfully in love with yourself.

Daniela of the Radiant Living School lays it out in 2 quick minutes - are you ready for your own gateways to present moment Awareness and truly feeling the Rapture of Being Alive?

When all of this comes online, and your life reflects the clarity, strength and freedom that these practices bring, you will be ready to share these gifts with others.

This program is an immersion into meditation, into your Self, into Healing and self-care. From this centered place, teaching flows naturally, and we will give you specific tools and techniques for teaching in a variety of settings.

REGISTRATION OPEN for march 2020 start Training! - early bird tuition saves $639 if you register before December 1.

Who is this for?

  • Those who are brand-new to meditation and wish to deepen their own practice

  • Educators wishing to bring mindfulness practice into their own classroom for students and their own self care

  • Those with prior experience of meditation and wish to bring the art and science of meditation to other householders

  • Bring meditation and mindfulness to your job site or place of employment

  • Yoga teachers seeking to broaden their toolkit with Qigong and reach those not interested or unable to do traditional yoga poses or classes.

  • Anyone interested in deepening in authentic mindfulness and heartfulness techniques to truly live a life of service and joy

  • Those who want to teach meditation to adults in group formats or 1:1

Daniela of the Radiant Living School lays it out in 2 quick minutes - are you ready for your own gateways to present moment Awareness and truly feeling the Rapture of Being Alive?

What is Mindfulness? What is Heartfulness?

What are the 2020 dates?

Daniela of the School For Radiant Living at Yoga Farm gives guidance on mediation then leads a 5 minute meditation

A talk with Christopher & Jeannie of the School For Radiant Living at Yoga Farm about Meditation

7 in-person training weekends and 2 part-time training weekends on zoom, starting March, 2020

  • March 21, 22 - opening weekend in person

  • April 18, 19 - in person

  • May 16, 17 - in person

  • June 13, 14 (zoom / remote weekend)

  • July 11, 12 meditation retreat in person

  • August 15, 16 (zoom / remote weekend)

  • September 19, 20 - in person

  • October 24, 25 - in person

  • November 21, 22 (graduation weekend)

In-Person Weekend timings:
Saturdays: 8:30 AM - 7:30 PM (dinner provided)
Sundays: 9 AM - 4 PM (optional restorative yoga class follows)

Remote / Zoom Weekend timings:
9 - 10:30 - home practice on your own
10:30 - 12 - zoom session
3:30 - 5 - afternoon session
6:30 - 8pm - evening session

9 - 10:30 - home practice on your own
10:30 - 12 - zoom session
3:30 - 5 - afternoon session

PRE-REGISTRATION OPEN - begin the application process now


  • Early-bird tuition of $2,199 until December 1, 2019, or first 6 students - whichever comes first (update: 5 spots left at this tuition)

  • 12 monthly payments of $199 after initial deposit of $450 - lowest payments

  • 4 monthly payments of $659 (save over $200!)

  • Single payment: $2,499 (save $339!)


  • Tuition includes unlimited yoga / QiGong / meditation classes at Yoga Farm for all 8 months

  • Group discounts for multiple educators from the same building

  • Group discounts for multiple employees from the same business

begin the application process now

why this program?

“Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one.” — Marianne Williamson

This training will show you how to initiate and sustain that essential personal transformation, within the context of your life. You don’t need to become less busy for these practices to work for you. Many successful people are very busy, yet are very present without feelings of anxiety or overwhelm.

Full participation in this program will offer you, and your future students the possibility of these outcomes:

  • Your relationships will be improved by your steadily increasing kindness, patience and compassion

  • You will laugh more, experience and express gratitude

  • You will connect with an authentic yearning to serve

  • Increasing experience of present moment awareness

  • Remember and feel the rapture of being alive

  • Brings out your inherent lightness and goodness

  • You become more present in the activities and engagements that you are in

  • Anxiety and overwhelm will quit you so you are more present, lighthearted in your relationships

  • You will become more gentle, understanding, and curious

  • Fall in love with yourself

  • You have more time, not because you are doing less, because you experience your life differently

Would you like to hear more? Read on, or call us at 607-280-2010, or email and we can share more with you personally on the phone or in-person at Yoga Farm. You can then Listen to see if our program is a match for you. You are also welcome to drop in any Sunday for our free weekly Sacred Sunday Celebration and meet us then.

What certifications will I receive?


This unique professional training program contains two separate 100 hour certifications, that you will first learn yourself, practice teaching with your classmates, then be able to offer to students or clients:

  • Mindfulness & Heartfulness = These practices bring present moment awareness via the senses

  • Intuitive Meditation = direct experience of the Truth of who and what you really are

In the second half of this program, you will be invited to choose a concentration:

  • Mindfulness in your classroom (for school educators)

  • Meditation for adults in groups or 1-on-1 educational programs

If you previously graduated from our Mindful Warrior Yoga Teacher Training, or perhaps another 200 hour YTT, you received a taste of the mindfulness and meditation practices.

This training will extend those beginnings into full practices of their own, and teach you a new set of movement practices from Taoist yoga and Qigong that can be used as a warmup for a yoga class, as a stand-alone efficient whole body exercise, or as a healing practice.

begin the application process now

I’m out of town - is there housing available?

Our retreat center with cabins and dorms is in the planning phase. In the interim, we have 2 private bedrooms with a shared bathroom available for the training weekends. There are other local airbnb’s available that are very affordable - don’t let the travel sway you if you feel a pull to our program.

If you are traveling in for this meditation teacher training, you are eligible for a room.

These rooms are available for $50 per night, for both nights of the training weekend, plus an additional $20 for the weekend for a cleaning fee. All 5 in-person weekends must be booked for this to be available to you. The total for all 5 weekends, 10 nights, is $600.

Optionally, you can assist us on the weekend with food preparation and cleanup of the shared kitchen space after our sessions each day and we’ll gladly waive the $20 cleaning fee, with our thanks. The total then for 10 nights is $500.

Please register ASAP if you’d like this option as there are only 2 rooms available. Let us know you would like this and we’ll get right back to you.

CURRICulum books

Here are several of our books that we will read and study as part of our curriculum:



Optional / Suggested

Further reading and research

Read more about the growth of meditation in the U.S. There are not nearly enough qualified meditation teachers to meet the interest.

FAQ’s about meditation:

Read more about Heartfulness and Mindfulness:

This training will show you how to shine, without reason, and how to guide others to their inherent goodness, so that they can shine.


"It's absolutely wonderful! I have grown both professionally and personally from this journey. My guides and teachers, Jeannie, Daniela, and Christopher have shown me a path I only dreamed existed.  They encouraged me to step into the realm of becoming a Teacher.

This program made me dig deeper into my meditation practice and myself. The results are absolutely amazing. My heart is warm and I am absolutely grateful for the opportunity to go through this beautiful journey. Purely transformational."

-- Jennifer M.

I LOVED the Mindfulness lessons we did. It was the perfect fit for me. I couldn't have asked for a better, more comprehensive experience. I'll be eternally grateful for the introduction at Yoga Farm to teaching yoga, meditation and mindfulness and for finding my personal style.

-- Jessica J.

The trainers at Yoga Farm worked together as a team to provide training in instruction of the highest caliber. Their attitude and techniques complimented each other well, and there were ample opportunities to learn both from the trainers and from peers in the program.

I am grateful to be part of such a fantastic cohort of yogis, and I look forward to seeing more exciting programs at Yoga Farm as they blossom and grow into the top notch educational center the founding directors have envisioned.

-- Alison R.

“Yoga Farm has combined all the facets of an amazing and truly effective teacher training program. The best practices of learning to feel at home in your body, mind and spirit, along with a ton of laughter and joy!”

— Beth R.

“If you’re looking to become a yoga teacher or increase your knowledge in this field, look no further. Christopher, Jeannie and Daniela provide a dynamic trio of teaching that will enhance physical mental and spiritual growth through a hands on curriculum. Prepare yourself for a sense of community, liberation and pure radiance."

— Cody N.


Interested in learning to be a yoga teacher? Here is our intro to our twice annual yoga teacher training program:

This is our yoga teacher training video - a different program, and yet, will give you a feel for the teachers, students and space here.