the heartful warrior course - awareness, self-love & joy

This 7-week inner-adventure course from the School For Radiant Living at Yoga Farm just opened for registration

Join Christopher, Daniela and Jeannie at Yoga Farm for our winter 7-week Radiant Living Course, Monday evenings 7-9pm starting January 28th.


Movement and mindfulness are necessary foundations in order to truly feel the Rapture of being Alive. Meditation is a doorway by which you fall deeply and truthfully in love with yourself.

  • Mindfulness = present moment awareness via the senses

  • Meditation = direct experience of the Truth of who and what you really are

All that you are seeking ‘out there’ cannot possibly fill your need for self-acceptance, love, appreciation and healthy confidence & self-esteem.

In the 40 day period of this course, we invite you to explore and experience a wide range of doorways into your own magnificent inner world, so that you can discover the specific ways and practices to meet all aspects of yourself with deep understanding, honor and ultimately cherishing everything that you discover about yourself.

We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘live in the present moment’, yet as a householder, it’s not always clear how to do that, nor, without a map, is it easeful.

This course will offer you the direct experience of ‘how’ to live in present moment awareness, which affords you the ability to access your inherent kindness, goodness and to live as that in all your relationships.

What we are all primarily seeking is the feeling and experience of Peace, Freedom and Clarity. These can only be accessed internally - the world cannot give you these. This course is designed to help you access your own Wisdom, your own Power, and the Love that you already are.

This course invites you to become familiar with all aspects of yourself, such as the Lover, the Child, the Warrior. We invite you to get comfortable and fearless with the whole spectrum and range of your emotions, feelings, and all the faces and aspects of You, and to learn to sit with yourself exactly as you are, while gradually integrating your life experiences until you fully remember your inherent wholeness, goodness and magnificence.

Oftentimes, we long to only be with the “desirable” qualities that abide in us, like Joy, Love, Peace, or Harmony. However, when we neglect taking time to welcome in aspects of ourselves that are sad, grieving, or furious, for example, we are denying aspects of our wholeness, the totality of who we are. We then tend to turn to habits, patterns and addictions to bury those aspects deeper, in spite of their exhaustless and healthy desire to be seen and met with tenderness, understanding and compassion.

This course is a 40-day opportunity to ReDiscover yourself, fall in love with yourself, and to live as the integrated being that you’d love to spend the rest of your life with.

“You are the Hero of your own adventure. It’s time - Now - for you to feel the rapture of being alive. and to remember the magnificence of who you really are.” -- Daniela

How do these practices work together?

A simplified model of our ‘world’, includes the ‘outside’: people, nature, objects, as well as the experience or sensations of these. You also have a body, with all the experiences, feelings and ways of being such as vital, or tired. Your mind assesses, integrates, judges, enjoys, etc. And inside all of these is your Heart / Soul, timeless.

When you feel connected with your Soul - alive, fulfilled and in integrity in all aspects of your life, your life flows naturally, you live without resistance, and your habits, patterns and addiction are diminished and can gently release you.

Each of the 7 classes in this course is designed to utilize potent mindfulness practices, simple movement practices (drawn from the science of Qigong), and meditation (using specific doorways and practices from the Radiance Sutras), to give you immediate, undeniable access to the experience of your own luminous Soul.

You’ll become more fluid with welcoming in the joys and terrors, excitement and sadness in all areas of your life.

Your life will never be the same.

Logistical Details:

Jan 28 - launch!, Feb 4 11 18 (no class Feb 25), March 4 11 18

  • Please aim to arrive between 6:55 and 7pm so we can all get settled and start on time.

  • Sessions will be video recorded so if you miss one you can watch the replay.


This course utilizes our ‘Offer what is honest and in integrity for you’ approach. Read more about that here >>


A Deposit of $108 is required along with your completed application to be registered for this class. This deposit will be returned to you after your attendance in class #1. $108 is not a suggested tuition.

Ready? Register Now >>

I love this work! Can I become certified to teach it?

This course will give an experience of components of our 200 hour triple-certification program called the Heartful Warrior Meditation Teacher Training that will start this spring.

Student Testimonials

"Daniela is the essence of radiance so when she offered the class, I knew I had to take it.  She structured the class in easy-to-understand sections, and helped each of us delve deep down to discover and come in touch with our own radiance."

— Patty, Radiance Course Graduate

"Taking Daniela’s Radiance Course was the BEST life decision! From start to finish Daniela inspired, encouraged, supported, uplifted and challenged me to create and embody the enchanted life I was seeking."

-- Meg, Radiance Course Graduate

"After taking the Radiance Course, I am able to settle in deeper within myself. I know what it means to be a friend of myself and what qualities I could work on. I feel more connected within my body and mind as a whole. I have Keys to help me through ANY situation – oftentimes it’s when dialogue in my mind is not the kindest (about myself)."

-- Erica, Radiance Course Graduate

that is the tuition for this course?

As a non-profit, we aim to make this curriculum available to as many people as possible. So, each student who attends any of our group Radiance Course , the Online Radiance Course program, and our retreats is invited to to listen for a tuition that reflects what is truly honest and in full integrity for you.