Who do you know who gives and gives and gives all year to others?

  • Give them the gift of nourishment and self-care with our membership programs. This incredible gift will serve your loved ones all year long.

  • You can also give the gift of mindfulness to public school children in the name of your loved one. Our nonprofit teaches students the skills of resiliency, self-regulation using researched tools from mindfulness and yoga. Your gift today will support these programs directly. Read on further on this page to see many affordable options. (We are currently working in 3 regional schools)

  • You can also give a gift anonymously to a public school teacher, in the name of your loved one. We can provide a single in-school training workshop, or a complete mindfulness and yoga teacher certification program, via our ‘Restoring Schools to Health’ school programs

We all have those friends and loved ones who already seem to HAVE everything


This gift keeps giving. It is the most incredible form of regifting imaginable!!
Give a unique gift to loved ones AND help fund our ‘Restoring Schools to Health’ program at the same time!

You can also give a gift of membership to Yoga Farm as a gift, and support our school programs at the same time.

Here is how it works; You choose your gift, we send out an email with an explanation of the impact of your gift to the recipient. You can choose to have their physical card mailed directly to them or to you so you can give it to them personally.

In addition to funding our service work in local schools, each gift contains:

  • a thank-you card

  • a one-month membership to Yoga Farm (if local)

  • a personalized thank you from all of us!

These gifts will be put to immediate use in the LOCAL community! (Within an hour of Lansing, NY)

Be a part of our Radiant Schools Curriculum Initiative and help us Restore Schools to Health.

**All donation-based gifts are tax deductible.


$75 Yoga for ONE child for the year

This gift supports our before- and after-school programs for one child in a local school.


$55 Mindfulness Year for ONE student

This is a push-in classroom, during the school day, for one student in a local school. We teach mindfulness lessons that enable students to slow down, to self-regulate, and to experience peace in their school day.


$150 Supplies for Mindfulness Room

Many of the schools we are working in are setting up spaces for students to go to, when they need to step away from the school environment for a bit. Your gift will enable us to purchase supplies such as:

  • Cushions

  • Yoga Blankets

  • Singing Bowl

  • Student Workbooks


Mindfulness Coaching for one Teacher

Here are a few highlights of a ‘Restoring Schools to Health’ workshop

We are coaching teachers to embody these mindfulness practices so they can support it in their own classrooms.

We teach in schools as in-service workshops, and we also have a more substantial 200 hour facilitator training program that runs twice a year.

  • $250 Single Mindfulness Workshop for school educators

  • $2,450 Mindfulness and Yoga Teacher Training Certification Scholarship for a public school teacher

**All donation-based gifts are tax deductible.