courses & weekend immersions

when you activate your Potential, you

  • Experience increased Calm & Kindness in your Mind

  • Feel Joyful Vitality in your Body

  • Increase Connection & Integrity in your personal Relationships

  • Reconnect with the Vast Goodness, Wisdom, and Compassion of your Heart

three 6-week COURSES NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE. start today.

upcoming LIVE transformational courseS


Our curriculum is perfect for individuals who have come into the awareness that:

  • Self-care and self-love are essential components for living a happy, healthy life

  • You engage in specific habits and patterns in life that you know do not truly serve you

  • You make progress in transforming some aspects of your life, yet know there is a leap to a full transformation that you can sustain

  • You long to be more present and more often than not live the kindest version of yourself in your family relationships, yet certain patterns and scripts keep playing out

  • Are are ready to truly Activate Your Potential

Unsure where to start? Contact us and we’ll be glad to connect and share about each with you


Our Mission is to eradicate the causes of the silent epidemics of anxiety, depression and loneliness in our culture

The Vision for our nonprofit is to expand the scope and reach of our educational curriculum and build a retreat center at Yoga Farm to create Harmony & Unity in the individual, which then ripples into the home, society and world. 

Our curriculum and our setting are the grounds for students to experience Connection, Purposefulness, and living Kindly within one’s own mind, and anchored to Gratefulness & Awe, daily.