Release Form

All students will be asked to sign a release and brief information form before their first class. You can read and submit this form online in advance to save time for your practice!

Arrival time

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for your first class here. We request the opportunity to say hello, learn your name, find out about any special needs, and complete our release form either online or download and print the form .

Doors to the studio close 5 minutes after class start times. Late arrivals who are new to the studio will be asked to come back another time.

Drug and Alcohol Use

Here at Yoga Farm, we have naturally and organically arrived at our own fluid and living philosophy on living life in healthy bodies, reverence in spirit, and clarity of mind.

One question that arises regards our policies on alcohol and drugs. The Vision of Yoga Farm is one of sobriety, after those who live here examined and contemplated our collective experiences of exploring and experimenting with a variety of drugs, alcohol and mind-altering substances.

Yoga Farm is an alcohol, drug, tobacco, and marijuana free zone. All are welcome to join us in lightness of being and experience yourself “just as you are,” unaltered, and in your True Nature while you are our guest. 

We are also a judgement free zone. You are free to make your choices as you wish for your life regarding substances. We do not look down on anyone’s choices. While you are here, we invite you to see what might be available without substances.


If either the Lansing or Ithaca City School Districts are closed for a snow day, our morning classes will be cancelled. By noon of that day, we will announce any cancellations in the afternoon schedule as well.

With every class cancellation for any reason, we will send a notice to those students who are preregistered in the class through our online MindBody system. An announcement will also be made on Facebook (click to follow us) and Instagram (click to follow us).  Please check the online schedule before planning to come for class, as that will always be kept up to date.

What to Bring

Yoga class is a great opportunity to be with yourself, so the most important thing is to be comfortable. We therefore recommend you equip yourself with:

  • Loose-fitting, easy-to-move-in clothing
  • Water bottle
  • Yoga mat (available to rent for $1.00 or purchase for $25.00)

Taking a little more of a philosophical approach, please bring yourself, just as you are.  If you feel happy, bring your smile. If you feel down or sad, don’t pretend you aren’t. Our aim is to provide a warm, welcoming environment where we can support each other on the daily path to wholeness, wellness and self-love.

Scents and Fragrances

Yoga Farm is a scent-, oil-, and fragrance-free facility.

For some people, no matter how lovely the scent may be, they experience physical discomfort and sensations from scents. Yoga Farm is happy to honor and welcome all students into a scent-free shared environment.

Cell Phones

We thank you for keeping your cell phones off or on silent (please no vibrate) while in the studio.