CEU / continuing education retreat weekends AT YOGA FARM

“Because masterful teachers are forever students”

This is our YTT 200 video - you can meet our teachers and some of the graduates from that program. You’ll also see the grounds and spaces here, and outcomes of all our programs detailed in testimonials.

program details

Our CEU weekends are immersive retreat weekends, for yoga teachers, or aspiring yoga students. The core module is on a Saturday and Sunday. You can take this as a personal retreat, just on the weekend, or you can receive CEU credits, a certificate and a deeper ability to teach what you learned, with the followup special project.

The retreat weekend totals 20 hours of practice and study, and those studying for a CEU will total 30 hours of continuing education.


Our modular advanced curriculum provides you with useable, meaningful, actionable education to help you serve your students now.

If you are currently a yoga teacher, this is a great immersion and refresher. If you complete a yoga teacher training and haven’t been actively teaching, please join us. If you haven’t done a yoga teacher training, and you love yoga, this is definitely for you.

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What is the schedule?

  • Sept 28, 29: ‘Hands of Love & Light’ Practice & Certification; Level 1 & 2

    • Please join Daniela, Jeannie, and Christopher for a weekend of potent Healing, Reconciliation, and Forgiveness Practices that can be recreated and offered in a variety of settings.

      “The practice of Forgiveness is one of the most important cornerstones of healing both the individual and healing this world.”

      —Marianne Williamson 

      In addition, the Level 1 & Level 2 , ‘Hands of Love & Light’ Certification will be held this weekend for participants who want to learn a gentle, hands on energetic modality that can be offered for yourself, your loved ones, pets, and clients seeking increased well being. 

      The “Hands of Love & Light” modality is a simple technique developed by the Educators of the Radiant Living School that absolutely anyone who has a sincere yearning to learn can do.  Hands On energy work is potent in its gentleness, and easeful for the practitioner to offer to oneself and others, with confidence and humility.  

      No prior experience with hands on energy work or Reiki is required. All that is required is the heartfelt longing and an open mind. 

      We look forward to spend the weekend with You!!!

  • Oct 26, 27: Yoga and Mindfulness in Schools

    • This module is geared to yoga teachers who want to use their gifts as a teacher as service and outreach in different settings. It will prepare you to teach in schools, shelters, hospitals, refugee service centers, human service settings, prisons, jails and detention facilities. You’ll immerse in understanding of your own needs for self-care, and how to prepare and maintain yourself for a lifetime of joyful service through group exercises and restorative yoga.

      As yoga teachers, we may be easily ready and comfortable to teach in studios and gym environments, or in a private setting. This module is geared to yoga teachers who want to use their gifts as a teacher as service and outreach in different settings. It will prepare you to teach yoga and mindfulness in schools, shelters, hospitals, refugee service centers, human service settings, prisons, jails and detention facilities.

      To address the need for yoga teachers and trainers to receive proper training AS yoga service and to ensure that high quality yoga is available to diverse communities in service settings, we are offering this module to equip yoga teachers with the necessary tools, language and confidence. This module will balance skill acquisition with self care and sustainable service models.

  • Dec 7, 8: TBA

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Module timings:

Each module can be taken individually

  • Tuesdays before each weekend: 7pm - 9pm (online on zoom, recording will be available)

  • Saturdays: 8:30am - 5:30pm (+ 1-2 hours of homework in the evening)

  • Sundays: 9am - 5:45pm (includes a restorative yoga class at the end)

  • After the weekend, you will have a special project and followup zoom coaching conversation, which will total another 8 hours

A vegan, GF lunch to share on Saturday will be provided, as well as simple snacks and tea throughout the day are included in your tuition


Each weekend module is:

  • $199 (members)

  • $249 (non-members)

  • $50 additional if you are taking this for certification - you will receive a certificate, CEU credits at Yoga Alliance, and will have followup practice and support after the weekend. You may be part of any assistant teaching during the weekend, if applicable

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Our modular CEU training program builds on your 200 hour yoga teacher training (from any school) with additional modules

  • Each module has unique, actionable, relevant teachings from one of the ‘4 paths of yoga’, while including advanced practice, community, shared meals, business tools, practice teaching, and a Heart-filled renewal of your own love of yoga and humanity in every single weekend.

  • Each module can be taken as a personal retreat or as a CEU weekend to supplement your knowledge base and experience something new.


Every weekend module incorporates inspiration, practices and techniques from one of the paths of yoga to expand and explore the core topics.

  • Each weekend has both an immersion into a powerful aspect of yoga as well as learning to teach new styles, practice, or process of yoga

  • You will deepen in mindfulness and awareness practices, so you can be with you, in Truth.

  • Every weekend module gives you the opportunity to expand on your strengths and skillfully navigate around your challenges in your yoga teaching.

  • Each weekend also includes practical lessons on business as it relates to your service work, or career

  • All curriculum and topics are subject to change

I’m out of town - is there housing available?

Our retreat center with cabins and dorms is in the planning phase. In the interim, we have 2 private bedrooms with a shared bathroom available for the training weekends. There are other local airbnb’s available that are very affordable - don’t let the travel sway you if you feel a pull to our program.

We have two private rooms in the upstairs of the farmhouse. These are comfortable, warm, quiet rooms.

If you are traveling in for this yoga teacher training, you are eligible for a room.

If available, a private room for 2 nights is an additional $150 per weekend.

Please register ASAP if you’d like this option as there are only 2 private rooms available.


“Completing the yoga teacher training at Yoga Farm was an intense and enlightening journey for me. The teachers at Yoga Farm offer differing perspectives and leave space for each trainee to grow in knowing their self. I am forever grateful for Jeannie, Christopher, and Daniela and the welcoming space they have created.”
— Alyssa C.

“Yoga Farm has a wonderful program and phenomenal teachers. Highly recommended.”
— Trish M.

“Finding a right-fit yoga program is a very personal process. I knew I liked the Yoga Farm approach by taking classes there as a student. When I decided to leap into the RYT training, it felt right for me. I made many profound discoveries about yoga and myself in the training and I'll always treasure the time I spent there as a student. I plan on attending future CE opportunities that Yoga Farm offers.”
— Tasia H.