CEU / continuing education weekends AT YOGA FARM

“Because masterful teachers are forever students”

This is our YTT 200 video - you can meet our teachers and some of the graduates from that program. You’ll also see the grounds and spaces here, and outcomes of all our programs detailed in testimonials.

program details

Our CEU weekends are on the same weekends as our 500 hour yoga teacher training, and include the first 2 days (Saturday and Sunday) of the 500 hour modules.

All of the content, practice, coaching and connection that are in the 500 hour yoga teacher training are included.

For those in the full training, there is a second half to the weekend, which includes practice teaching, refinement and a practicum on Monday, and a followup project with review in the topic area to complete the certificate.

Those in the CEU weekend will receive a certificate of completion, and not have the focus on teaching this topic.

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Our modular advanced curriculum provides you with useable, meaningful, actionable education to help you serve your students now.

Modules are open to graduates of any 200 Hour teacher training or the equivalent training/experience from any school of yoga. If you are currently enrolled in a yoga teacher training you are also eligible to take our modules.

What is the schedule?

  • July 13, 14: “Power of Awareness” - a Radiant Living Retreat - (Yoga Of Knowledge & Awareness Module A)

    • The first step in awareness is to understand your mind. This module brings together inquiry and awareness practices in a very practical way, that give you tools to know you. You will complete this weekend having discovered and reconnected with the nature of your fullest capacity and potential. You will discover the roots of your inhibitions and habitual patterns, and how to embody your personal Key and learn to live a Luminous, Radiant life. Instead of a 3rd day for practicum, YTT students receive a one-on-one coaching session to help you step into clarity and awareness in the fullness of practice.

  • Aug 17, 18, 19: Kundalini Yoga Immersion - (Yoga Of Devotion & Love Module A)

    • In this module you will have the pleasure of experiencing and learning to guide people into the practice of Kundalini yoga. You’ll immerse in ‘bhakti’ the path of devotion, including using your voice in chanting, practicing kriyas to clear your mind, and exploring both guided and intuitive movements that will uplift your life.

  • Sept 28, 29, 30: Teaching Advanced Yoga Immersion - (Yoga Of Body, Breath & Meditation Module A)

    • You will learn to practice and teach masterful asana. We’ll break down and study advanced poses including inversions, deep backbends, challenging arm balances and more. Hands on practice with adjustments and assists will support your teaching incredible group classes and will bring you the skills to teach healing and transformative 1-on-1 sessions.

  • Oct 26, 27, 28: Yoga and Mindfulness in Schools - (Yoga Of Service & Action Module B)

    • This module is geared to yoga teachers who want to use their gifts as a teacher as service and outreach in different settings. It will prepare you to teach in schools, shelters, hospitals, refugee service centers, human service settings, prisons, jails and detention facilities. You’ll immerse in understanding of your own needs for self-care, and how to prepare and maintain yourself for a lifetime of joyful service through group exercises and restorative yoga.

  • Dec 7, 8, 9: Awareness, Coaching, Curriculum - (Yoga Of Knowledge & Wisdom Module B)

    • This module is an essential component for your own continued development as an individual, as you cultivate self-awareness of beliefs, attachments and the cultural programming that is influencing your words and behaviors. From this awareness, we will teach you coaching basics - how to help your students connect to their own inner teacher and move beyond advice-giving. Weaving coaching skills into your interactions with your students will create even more connection and potential for transformation for them. On the business side, we will go over how to create a yoga course, from curriculum development to marketing and promotion. Learning to move beyond the drop-in yoga class mentality will open you to connection, financial success and long-term relationships with those you are called to serve.

  • Feb 1, 2, 3: Kirtan and Sacred Song - (Yoga Of Devotion & Love Module B)

    • You’ll discover why Kirtan, chanting sacred songs, is a potent access for so many to the Direct Experience of Grace and Divinity. Learn a little Sanskrit and the origins of many popular songs, chants and bhajans from many traditions, including songs in English!

  • Mar 7, 8, 9: Yin Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama - (Yoga Of Body, Breath and Meditation Module B)

    • Raja yoga is the yoga of meditation, in this module, we take the ‘work’ inward, studying yin yoga, meditation and breathing practices to heal and rejuvenate body and mind. You’ll immerse in your inner world, your connection to Divinity, and learn to guide others through the labyrinth of their own lives and bodies.

  • April 25, 26, 27: Trauma informed Yoga and Mindfulness - (Yoga Of Service & Action Module A)

    • Drawing from neuroscience, developmental psychology, and interpersonal neurobiology, this view of trauma considers body-based therapeutic methods, such as trauma-informed yoga, to be at least equal in importance to more traditional therapies, like talk therapy. You will immerse in understanding the nature of traumas that many experience, and how you can be a healing presence and skillfully guide movement and meditation practices that serve the widest possible populations.

  • Modules will continue, about 8-10 each year, repeating and evolving so you can take them at your own pace

Module timings:

Each module can be taken individually in a shortened format as Continuing Education (CEU). This variation is only Saturday and Sunday, and has a lower tuition. The CEU variation is for learning more about that aspect of yoga, and has no practicum or teaching project.


  • Tuesdays before each weekend: 7pm - 9pm (online on zoom, recording will be available)

  • Saturdays: 8:30am - 5:30pm (+ 1-2 hours of homework in the evening)

  • Sundays: 9am - 6pm (+ 1-2 hours of practicum preparation in the evening if you are in the YTT)


  • Mondays: 8:30am - 2:30pm (additional practice and practicum)

  • Special project, reading, research, or practice teaching in your community (on your own schedule in the month that follows)

  • Q&A about the topics and projects support on the private Facebook group

  • Unlimited private email support continue to learn and practice teach

A vegan, GF lunch each weekend day as well as snacks and tea throughout the day are all included



Our modular 500 hour training program builds on your 200 hour yoga teacher training (from any school) with additional 37.5 hour modules, to bring you to a full, certified, 500 hour yoga teacher after 8 modules in 1-3 years of practice and study.

  • Each module has unique, actionable, relevant teachings from one of the ‘4 paths of yoga’, while including advanced practice, community, shared meals, business tools, practice teaching, and a Heart-filled renewal of your own love of yoga and humanity in every single weekend.

  • Each module can be taken as part of your 500 Hour Certification Program or, in a shortened version independently as a CEU weekend to supplement your knowledge base and experience something new.

  • Each module includes a full weekend training at Yoga Farm, as well as a zoom call in an evening the week prior (replay available for registered students)

  • YTT students additionally have a 3rd day (Monday) for additional practice teaching, a final practicum. You will also design your own follow up project and join a wrap up zoom call about 2 weeks after the weekend, to complete your full 37.5 hours of training and receive a certificate for this module.

  • Those who are not in the YTT, and are taking this for 20 CEU credits only, will only stay for Saturday and Sunday and will not practice teaching or receive a teaching certificate.

Best of all, you can start any time! The modules revolve, so that you can begin when you are ready and complete your 8 modules as quickly or slowly as you’d like.


Every weekend module incorporates inspiration, practices and techniques from one of the paths of yoga to expand and explore the core topics.

  • Each weekend has both an immersion into a powerful aspect of yoga as well as learning to teach new styles, practice, or process of yoga

  • You will deepen in mindfulness and awareness practices, so you can be with you, in Truth.

  • Every weekend module gives you the opportunity to expand on your strengths and skillfully navigate around your challenges in your yoga teaching.

  • Each weekend also includes practical lessons on business as it relates to your service work, or career

  • All curriculum and topics are subject to change

I’m out of town - is there housing available?

Our retreat center with cabins and dorms is in the planning phase. In the interim, we have 2 private bedrooms with a shared bathroom available for the training weekends. There are other local airbnb’s available that are very affordable - don’t let the travel sway you if you feel a pull to our program.

We have two private rooms in the upstairs of the farmhouse. These are comfortable, warm, quiet rooms.

If you are traveling in for this yoga teacher training, you are eligible for a room - first priority goes for those in the YTT 500, then if available for those taking the CEU.

If available, a private room for 3 nights is an additional $225 per weekend.

Please register ASAP if you’d like this option as there are only 2 private rooms available.