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Relax and Refresh Yoga with Pennee

This class will have a focus on connecting your mind and body with the breath as you move through calming meditations and a light flow of yoga poses. These poses will gently move through warming and stretching the body, which can improve balance, flexibility, and strength. Let go of the day and prepare for your evening by allowing yourself to experience the feeling of being present “on your mat.”

This class will allow you time to nurture yourself in a warm, accepting, and beautiful environment – releasing and relaxing as well as refreshing your mind and body.

Who this class is for: All level of yoga students are welcome. For those coming to yoga for a first-time experience or those coming back to yoga – you will find this class open and welcoming. If you are curious about yoga, if you have ever felt a pull, yet feel as if “I can’t do yoga,” or maybe you are just feeling a bit intimidated – come in and give this class a try.

For those more experienced yogis, more challenging variations of the poses will be suggested.

What are the results: Our low-impact yoga improves health, circulation, flexibility, physical, emotional and mental well-being.

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