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QiGong Life Course w/ Christopher - 'Late Summer is time of harvest, a time of plenty'

QiGong Life Course {Late Summer leads to Autumn}
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QiGong means ‘Skillful use of Life Energy’, and in this course you will tune up body and mind, and learn to live in harmony with the ways of nature. Honoring the rhythms of your own life and the rhythms of the seasons, you will gain deep insight into how your body and mind work and gracefully allow balance and ease to replace stress and anxiety.

Course meets: Thursdays 5:30 - 7pm from Sept 19 - Oct 24

The classes themselves have a mix of movement that everyone can do, and meditations specific to healing and harmonizing some aspect of body, mind and soul.

You’ll learn about the 5 elemental energies, how these relate to the continual changing of the seasons, and how your own constitution responds to the changes. From here, your own specific medicine will emerge to ease anxiety and depression, build energy, reduce stressors and promote natural healing.

For newcomers to QiGong as well as those who have taken many classes and courses with us. This is especially good if you have taken some yoga and are curious what is really happening in your body during the physical yoga practices.

Our Autumn course will connect you deeply to the changing seasons - this is the season of the lungs, of the element metal, the healing brought of the color white. Diet, sleep and activity all begin their shifting as the warm long days of summer yield to shortening days and cooler nights.

Each class includes:

  • connection with your classmates

  • exploration of how learning principles of the Tao, of moving through life with Grace and Flow are positively impacting your life

  • movement practices to heal and nourish that everyone can do (about 30-40 minutes)

  • meditations designed to circulate energy, transform emotions and center the mind

  • breathing practices to balance your nervous system

The course covers topics including:

  • understanding of the types of energy your body and mind exist in and around

  • learning how the changing seasons affects your body and mood

  • exploration of the 5 elemental energies and how to balance this in your body and life

Continue your life journey with the QiGong Life Course!

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