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Kundalini Yoga Course w/ Jeannie 'Uncover your Luminous Self'

Kundalini Yoga Course - Uncover your Luminous Self
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Kundalini yoga practice has a unique method; it aims the practices straight to the energetic (nervous) system, with repetition. 

In this 6-week exploration with Jeannie you will learn some very powerful and classic Kundalini Yoga ‘Kriyas’ and how these affect the Kundalini (energy or prana) in the system. 

You will learn about the Chakra system and how it can be out of balance, as well as corresponding practices to re-balance. 

You will also enjoy gaining an understanding of the ‘nadis’ (energy channels) and how to purify these so enable energy (kundalini) to flow more optimally. 

This is a playful and interesting course in which you will challenge your habitual patterns as new transformational habits emerge through practice. The practices include physical yoga (asana and kriya) as well as breathing practices (pranayama) and mantras (sound, chanting). 

The practice of Kundalini yoga is also closely associated with the yoga of sound – and you will experience the effects of vibrational energy of sound during class.

The Kundalini method is a practice which requires commitment and to maintain the energy of the group it is useful to not strive for perfection, but to show up with consistency. 

No prior experience required - beginners welcome.

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