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Summer Workshop Series: Intro to Kundalini Yoga

SUMMER WORKSHOP SERIES 7-8:30pm on Mondays


July 8 Radiant Awareness Life Course Workshop: Intuition

Recognize the difference between your thoughts and your Intuitive Wisdom, and strengthen your ability to Trust what you Hear within -- With Daniela

July 15 Parenting Life Course Workshop

Cultivate compassion and understanding for yourself in the role as parent and caregiver. Feel support and validation while working though your beliefs and expectations in the family dynamic. -- With Jeannie

July 22 Meditation Method Workshop

Are you ready to learn an easy and highly effective form of meditation that will create more space and inspiration in your daily life, your business, and your relationships? -- With Christopher

July 29 Kundalini Yoga

Are you Kundalini Kurious? Here is your opportunity to see what is all about!

This is the science behind bright eyes, radiant smiles and heartful connection!! -- With Jeannie

Aug 5 Come Home to Your Body Workshop

This is the PERFECT entry into yoga, qigong, breathwork and meditation. Absolutely no experience or level of fitness necessary. -- With Daniela and Christopher

You'll receive 'a taste' of practices and practical wisdom that bring to life the 3 keys of Connection, Fulfillment and Awe

Aug 12 Relationship Life Course Workshop

Deepen in connection, fulfillment and awe, and making Love Matter. -- with Daniela

Uncover the 3 necessary Keys for a truly fulfilling relationship & the 3 most common barriers to Intimacy that couples face. 

Aug 19 QiGong Life Course Workshop

QiGong means ‘Skillful use of Life Energy’, and in theses courses you will explore and understand methods for increasing your energy internally to better respond to situations eternally. -- with Christopher

Aug 26 Radiant Awareness Life Course 

Shift from anxiety to clarity. 

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All of our workshops are open to everyone - the tuition is set by the participant. We ask that you ‘offer what is honest and in integrity, for you’. (Past participants have donated $10-$50 for similar workshops)

*Note, we will likely be video recording the presenter at these sessions for possible future courses - participants will NOT be recorded and will be offscreen. Any/All personal sharing will be edited out.