Radiant Warrior Yoga: Energize - an invitation

Greetings and blessings Yogis!!


I could not be more thrilled to offer the upcoming ‘Radiant Warrior Yoga: Energize’ course to our amazing community. As a self identified Spiritual Warrior, I have always sought out yoga classes and practices that were deep and heart centered. Many of you already know that I am an “efficiency” type of person. In about an hour of yoga, I aim to experience; physical vitality, mental clarity and spiritual/soulful alignment. I want YOU to have that same opportunity! As a teacher, it is my greatest honor, to illuminate this path and be your guide.

This class is right for you no matter where you are in your own personal practice. Those of you who know me, can trust that my foundational philosophy of teaching yoga never waivers. The yoga I teach will always be open and inclusive to everyone who has the desire to show up with an open mind and heart.

Are you seeking a deeper spiritual connection in your yoga class experience and do you wish to learn how to change your energy in order to transform your life? If so, I welcome you with open arms to take this next step!

This 10-week yoga class incorporates elements of Kundalini practices as well as intuitive meditation to allow you to elevate your mood and consciousness of being. We are at a pivotal time in our human existence, friends. What is required of us now, as tuned in yogis, is to raise our own vibration, spark our inner revolution, and step into the role of Radiant Warriors. We will be poised with wisdom and spiritual grace, laser focused on personal purpose, and infused with inspiration.

Course details:

Choose from Mondays at 5:30pm or Wednesdays at 10am.


Course starts Dec 3 and 5, with a pause for the holidays then the remaining of the 10 sessions happen after the new year.

Tuition: $175 Yoga Farm members / $250 non-members (includes a 3-month membership)

To register, visit www.RadiantWarrior.us

Join me and be a part of the NEW army; armed with light and love, peace and truth.

Sat Nam.


Jeannie O'Neill