Registration for the January beginners course

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New to yoga? Returning to your practice?
This is the class for you!

Learn the fundamentals of yoga in our Beginners Yoga Course. In this 4-session course, you'll take a yoga class once a week for six weeks with the same fellow students. This class is appropriate for people of all shapes and sizes, for adults up to and including retirees!

In this small group setting, you’ll receive individualized attention, support and modifications for your body and your needs. You’ll also get to know other participants and perhaps make some new friends.

Each of our classes will be divided into three parts:

  • First, the teacher introduces a simple, relevant teaching point about yoga

  • Next, we will practice basic yoga that is the primarily the same each time, so you learn a yoga routine that you can do on your own

  • We’ll close with a simple, short mindfulness or meditation or conscious rest practice

Towards the end, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with your teacher 1-on-1 so that he or she can help guide your next steps for your practice. (please request this if you wish)

You’ll also receive a take-home worksheet of the daily yoga practice we will learn together, so that you can continue the yoga on your own in the comfort of your own home.

During the course, you will also receive unlimited drop-in classes for 1 month (a $75 value!),

What do I need to bring?

  1. A yoga mat (rent one of ours for $1.00, or buy one for $25.00)

  2. Loose-fitting, easy-to-move-in, comfortable clothing

  3. A water bottle

  4. An open mind

Is this your first time at Yoga Farm? Review our class policies to find answers to common questions.

How to Register

Registration is required for this course—there are no drop-ins. Please note that due to registration limits, your first-choice section may not be available.

Section registration minimum: 6 students
Section registration maximum: 15 students

There are two steps to register for this course:

  1. Complete our online registration form here.

  2. Pay the tuition online, by phone, by mail or in-person

    1. Pay $125 now - new students

    2. Pay $95 now - join with a friend or repeating

    3. Yoga Farm member - tuition varies based on discount level - we’ll send a link

In addition, our Radiant Warrior Yoga Course: Flow (10-week course) that meets Wednesday evenings at 5:45pm starting January 23rd is very beginner-friendly and requires no previous yoga experience.


January Beginner Course:
Thursdays 4:15pm starting January 17th

This course meets six times in a row, at the same time each week.

In addition, our Radiant Warrior Yoga Course: Flow that meets Wednesday evenings at 5:45pm starting January 23rd is very beginner-friendly and requires no previous yoga experience.

If you'd like be on our list for the next series, or have any questions about this program complete our contact form and we'll get back to you.


  • $125 per person

  • $95 each if you join with a friend, or are repeating the course

  • Yoga Farm members - discount of 10% - 50% depending on your membership level

Discover the simple, practical joy of yoga


“This course helped improve my flexibility physically and emotionally; my body has felt relief from pain and stiffness and after learning more about myself in class, I have become more open-minded and flexible with my relationships with others and myself. I can truly say I am on a new adventure to find happiness.”

“Taking this class is the best! I experience so many things during a class such as mind and body relaxation, empowerment, education, community and love. Such a great space to be in with amazing people.”
– Kathleen

“I needed some time and space in my life to be peaceful, contemplative and physical. This course provided all that & more.”
– Peter

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