Membership Perks

Unlimited Yoga + meditation Classes

Come to any of our weekly drop-in yoga classes for free with your Yoga Farm Membership! Click here to check out our schedule of 20+ weekly classes to choose from.

UNLIMITED Guest Passes

With any level of membership, you receive unlimited guest passes to bring friends and family to join you for weekly drop-in yoga classes. So grab a partner and share the love!

  • You may bring one guest per class

  • The same guest may join you for class a maximum of 3 classes
    (if they like it here, we'll invite them to the trial membership of $30 for 30 days)

  • All guests who are new to Yoga Farm must complete our 'new student release form' - please email or text them this link, or refer them to the website


Free Yoga Consultation

Upon enrolling, you are invited to one free 30 minute consultation with a member of our nurturing and attentive teaching staff to assess your health and wellness concerns, provide immediately applicable tools and recommendations, and develop a sustainable plan to help you reach your wellness goals. Please schedule at


Your Yoga Farm membership entitles you to major discounts for our other offerings, including:

  • One FREE month of access to the Beginner's Yoga Series (annual membership purchase required)

  • 50% off beginner's yoga series

  • 30% off workshops and events

  • 20% off in-store yoga merchandise

  • 10% off private yoga and meditation sessions

These discounts must be redeemed during your active membership, and cannot be redeemed on behalf of another student.


You'll be part of a community of like-minded and like-hearted people who are connecting in new ways. You will be eligible to join our private Facebook group where the discussion and inspiration continue!

Referral Program

If you are an active member at Yoga Farm and you refer another member who enrolls, you will receive a $10 credit at the time of their enrollment, redeemable towards merchandise, workshops and events, specialty services, or your own membership! You, or they, need to email us about this referral to redeem, please. (Multiple credits may be used towards the same redemption.)


Monthly memberships

If not now, when?


Fall membership special for all new members to Yoga Farm.

Enjoy 3 months of unlimited yoga, ~20 classes a week to choose from for $90.
(a dollar a day!)

Enjoy this for yourself, or consider a gift certificate for someone you know, who often gives for others and rarely takes time to give to themselves.

Register for this special now

New Students: 30 Day Trial MembershiP

Are you new to Yoga Farm? Did you attend your first free yoga class? You have 7 days after your first class to redeem your 30 day trial membership!

At just $30 for 30 days, your trial Yoga Farm membership gives you all the perks for a regular membership at a major discount so you have an opportunity to join our kind, nurturing, and supportive community here at Yoga Farm.


We are pleased to offer membership opportunities for individuals who are navigating physical and mental health challenges, as well as full-time caregivers of a loved one, at a "Pay What's Honest and in Integrity for You" option.

Work-Study Program:

Would you rather offer your time and work effort in exchange for a membership? Click here to learn about our work-study program!