Yoga Farm is a center for education, healing, and retreat on 65 beautiful acres just outside of Ithaca, New York.


We offer courses & retreats in meditation, mindfulness and yoga. In addition, we offer individual, couples and group coaching / education via the Radiance Course.

This well-rounded equips our students and clients with the ability to sustain vibrant, intentional and deeply connected living.

This brings the individual into balance in the body, mind and soul and refreshes one's connection and enthusiasm for one's Self, their relationships and meaningful work.

We offer unique and practical tools that deliver:

The Yoga Farm Experience Video

  • Balance and health in the body
  • Clarity in the mind
  • Affection and affinity in all relations
  • Passionate, purposeful lives
  • Revitalized spirit
  • Joy in being alive

While Yoga Farm offers many yoga classes the overall emphasis is on teaching skills, tools and healing techniques for body and mind so that students are able to bring their very best self home to their work, relationships, and service work.

In this way, Yoga Farm is contributing every single day to improving the health and wellness of families and communities and workplaces in the region.

The Farm

Two beautiful private gorges full of waterfalls run down the north and south borders of this 65-acre farm. The farm has a 30-acre organic hay field, 25 acres of mixed hard- and soft-woods, and lush pastures for livestock.

Yoga Farm members have access to our hiking trails, gorges, our pavilion as well as our yoga and meditation.

The next step of our vision is to add individual and family-sized cabins along the gorge for personal or group retreats.

Here at Yoga Farm, we offer our classes and courses in a beautiful wellness center overlooking a gorge, surrounded by nature, where you can learn how to tap your built-in joy, mental freedom, and physical wellness that you know is there. 


Our Vision

We are developing a non-profit Center for Education, Connection & Healing.

Will you join the next step? If you Hear a 'YES!' email us at