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All proceeds from donations support our mission.

Your vital gift of love ensures that we can continue to serve the local and global community through the many free and by-donation programs and offerings that we provide.

the radiant living school at Yoga Farm
is a nonprofit center for
connection, healing, & education

In the fall of 2018 we transitioned from a corporate/for-profit model to a nonprofit charitable, 501c3 organization; called ‘The Radiant Living School’. Our curriculum is taught at Yoga Farm, in area schools, online, and in organizations and businesses in our region.

Our Radiant Living curriculum cultivates vibrant physical health, emotional balance and mental clarity, healing the root causes of suffering, and returning individuals to the stunning recognition of their own worthiness, magnificence, and the purity of their own goodness.

Individuals that regularly feel the rapture of being alive, and who flourish in purpose and meaning, become powerful and compassionate contributors to society.

Our Mission is to put an end to the silent epidemic of anxiety, depression and loneliness.

Our Curriculum is an antidote.

The Healed individual creates harmony in the home, society and world.

By joining, or continuing your membership with us as a nonprofit, you are co-creating a United Humanity with us. Your membership dollars makes it possible to treat the epidemic of loneliness, anxiety and addiction, in our community and beyond. All memberships will have a direct, and immediate impact on others, creating a “pay it forward” ripple effect that will benefit our local community.

We have been inspired to expand our facility and our capital campaign is ready to receive charitable contributions.

Read more about our capital campaign to expand our impact here >>.

Who Is this for?

Our course are is ideal for individuals and couples 18 and over who long to deepen in Connection, Fulfillment and Awe.Our curriculum equips our students and clients with the ability to sustain vibrant, intentional and deeply connected living.

We offer unique and practical tools that deliver:

  • Balance and health in the body

  • Clarity in the mind

  • Affection and affinity in all relations

  • Passionate, purposeful lives

  • Revitalized spirit

  • Joy in being alive

  • Connection and healing

The overall emphasis here is on teaching skills, tools and healing techniques for body and mind so that students are able to bring their very best self home to their work, relationships, and service work. A radiant life is one where you are feeling connected with yourself, with healthy, uplifting relationships, living a fulfilled life rooted and awe and wonder.

In this way, Yoga Farm is contributing every single day to improving the health and wellness of families and communities and workplaces in the region.

Are you ready?

The Farm

Two beautiful private gorges full of waterfalls run down the north and south borders of this 65-acre farm. The farm has a 30-acre organic hay field, 25 acres of mixed hard- and soft-woods, and lush pastures for livestock. A flock of peacocks and peahens live with us, as well as a few dogs.

Yoga Farm members have access to our hiking trails, gorges, our pavilion as well as our yoga and meditation classes.

We are planning to develop an expanded center for our courses and retreats.

We count on our team of amazing staff members and our volunteers to support our mission.

Our education is available to all

Offer what is honest and integrity? How does tuition work here?

Many of our courses and classes use a self-determined tuition, to ‘offer what is honest and in integrity for you’. This means that participants get to choose what to offer our nonprofit after experiencing the gifts of the class or program they participate in.

We also offer ‘Connection is Healing’ scholarships for those navigating life challenges, and encourage those facing financial difficulties to apply for our 'Financial Aid’ packages to study here.



“From start to finish, Daniela inspired, encouraged, supported, uplifted and challenged me to create and embody the enchanted life I was seeking. As a teacher, Daniela is an articulate, knowledgeable, humble, passionate, professional as well as a master storyteller. Weaving threads of expertise, compassion, and impeccable integrity she delivers a well designed, fun and transformational program.”

— Meg C.
Radiance Course Graduate

"A wise teacher once said, “One can not teach what one does not know." Daniela lives and breathes what she teaches – her Devotion, Love and Radiance shine through her and into all her classes, and lovingly given to each and every one of her students or clients."   

-- Pennee B.
Radiance Course Graduate

 “No matter which class I’m in Christopher reminds me to smile, breathe and enjoy – the absolute essentials that give me willingness to return.  Christopher is knowledgeable and a good instructor. I am reminded to wear the world lightly.”
– Patricia .W.
Yoga Course Graduate