The School for Radiant Living at yoga farm is a nonprofit educational charity

our Radiant Living curriculum awakens the Inherent Kindness of the individual and Inspires the emergence of a United Humanity


Who Is this for?

Our Curriculum is ideal for individuals and couples 18 and over who long to deepen in Connection, Fulfillment and Awe.

The curriculum is perfect for individuals who have come into the awareness that:

  • Self-care and self-love are essential components for living a happy, healthy life

  • You engage in specific habits and patterns in life that you know do not truly serve you

  • You make progress in transforming some aspects of your life, yet know there is a leap to a full transformation that you can sustain

  • You long to be more present and more often than not live the kindest version of yourself in your family relationships, yet certain patterns and scripts keep playing out

What will it do for you?

The Radiant Living Coursework equips you with the tools, the community & the guidance to:

  • Live Connected & Compassionately in all your relationships

  • Feel and Live with deep Meaning & Fulfillment

  • Experience your Life as Awe & Wonder

Are you ready? Our next semester of courses is now open for registration…

PURPOSE of the School For Radiant Living

Individuals anchored in Radiant Living practices become families, communities and a global humanity connected in unity, reverence & Peace.

Our educational curriculum treats the silent and hidden afflictions of anxiety and depression in the individual, and reduces conflict in families and society.

The curriculum cultivates vibrant physical health, emotional balance and mental clarity, healing the root causes of suffering, returning individuals to the stunning recognition of their own worthiness, magnificence, and the purity of their own goodness.

With our practical and comprehensive approach, the lives of individuals and families are transformed, resulting in increased well-being and healthy relationships.

Individuals that regularly feel the joy of being alive, and who flourish in purpose and meaning, become powerful and compassionate contributors to society.

The purpose of our nonprofit is to expand the scope and reach of our curriculum and a build retreat center at Yoga Farm as the platform and means by which we can create a peaceful, sustainable, harmonious world.

Offer what is honest and integrity? How does tuition work here?

Many of our courses and classes use a self-determined tuition, to ‘offer what is honest and in integrity for you’. This means that participants get to choose what to offer our nonprofit after experiencing the gifts of the class or program they participate in.



“From start to finish, Daniela inspired, encouraged, supported, uplifted and challenged me to create and embody the enchanted life I was seeking. As a teacher, Daniela is an articulate, knowledgeable, humble, passionate, professional as well as a master storyteller. Weaving threads of expertise, compassion, and impeccable integrity she delivers a well designed, fun and transformational program.”

— Meg C.
Radiance Course Graduate

"A wise teacher once said, “One can not teach what one does not know." Daniela lives and breathes what she teaches – her Devotion, Love and Radiance shine through her and into all her classes, and lovingly given to each and every one of her students or clients."   

-- Pennee B.
Radiance Course Graduate

 “No matter which class I’m in Christopher reminds me to smile, breathe and enjoy – the absolute essentials that give me willingness to return.  Christopher is knowledgeable and a good instructor. I am reminded to wear the world lightly.”
– Patricia .W.
Yoga Course Graduate