“Because masterful teachers are forever students”

You can take this training as your 500 hour teacher training OR individual weekends for continuing education



Our 300 / 500 hour yoga teacher training is an incredible opportunity for you, yoga teachers, to become a student again, advance your teaching skills, develop in-demand professional skills, and deepen in your inner work.

This is a continually revolving program - you can begin your 300 hours YTT with us at any time, starting with any module, and you’ll be able to take all the modules at your own pace. Each module will come around at least once per year, and new modules will be added from time to time.

Our beautiful, natural setting, the forests and waterfalls, the conversations and personal explorations are an integral part of our curriculum.

Every weekend results in you learning specific, vital, professional skills you can teach as a whole class or as a complement to your existing classes and workshops.

If you have a 200 hour certificate, at the end of these additional 300 hours, you will be a 500 hour certified yoga teacher!

This is our YTT 200 video - you can meet our teachers and some of the graduates from that program. You’ll also see the grounds and spaces here, and outcomes of all our programs detailed in testimonials.


Our modular advanced curriculum provides you with useable, meaningful, actionable education to help you serve your students now.

Modules are open to graduates of any 200 hour teacher training or the equivalent training/experience from any school of yoga. If you are currently enrolled in a yoga teacher training you are also eligible to apply take our modules.

You can take each weekend independently as a ‘Continuing Education (CEU) Weekend’, for your learning only, with no obligation or requirement to continue. Each weekend you’ll accrue hours towards your next certification.

This masterful teacher training it is intended to be completed over the course of 1-3 years in order to give you the opportunity to learn at your own pace, assimilate the knowledge, practice what you’ve learned in the field, and return to gain greater insights and practical knowledge as you complete additional modules.


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